Council elections

The CMPA is governed by an elected council of 30 practising physicians representing 10 geographical areas across Canada. Once elected, councillors serve for a three year term. Each year approximately one-third of the positions on council are scheduled for nomination and election.

The CMPA Nominating Committee considers and selects nominees to recommend for election to the membership. All CMPA members have the opportunity to seek nomination and election to council on the basis of their province/territory of work (geographical area) and their type of practice. Current members of council may also choose to seek nomination and re-election for an additional three year term. An annual Report of the Nominating Committee is prepared, outlining the recommended nominees to the CMPA membership. CMPA members may also propose additional nominee(s). If eligible nominations are received from the membership, online elections are held for any contested council positions. Nominees who are unopposed are acclaimed to their positions without the requirement for an election.

The council election process, including how candidates are nominated, is governed by Article 4 of the CMPA By-law.

The 2017 Report of the Nominating Committee was released on February 22nd, 2017. The membership nomination period is now closed. Thank you to members who submitted their candidacy. The election period will run from May 10th to June 14th, 2017 for contested Council positions. Further information regarding the elections will be available at this location on May 10th.

2017 Report of the Nominating Committee

Positions scheduled for nomination and election and proposed candidates

Following deliberations, the CMPA Nominating Committee has proposed candidates for the 11 positions on council that are scheduled for nomination and election. Nominations are based on factors such as but not limited to a candidate’s medical, clinical and safe medical care experience, leadership in the medical profession, influence beyond the medical community, medical education or research experience, governance, business or legal experience, financial or investment literacy, and the candidate’s willingness to accept the time commitment required.

In 2017, 11 council positions are scheduled for nomination and election. View the profile of each nominee proposed by the Nominating Committee:

Nominations from CMPA members

In addition to the candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee, any member in an area and division with a position scheduled for nomination and election may be nominated for election to council. For CMPA members seeking nomination, it is expected they:

The following are core competencies for members of council:

  • strategic orientation
  • judgment
  • communication
  • business and financial acumen
  • governance knowledge
  • teamwork/collegiality

Members interested in seeking nomination are encouraged to review the Candidate Information Guide [PDF], and must submit the following documents by April 5, 2017. Early receipt of documentation is always appreciated:

Send nomination form and supporting documents to one of the following:

Mailing address:
The Canadian Medical Protective Association
PO Box 8225
Station “T”
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3H7

Courier/street address:
The Canadian Medical Protective Association
875 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 5P1



Key dates for 2017 nominations and elections

February 22 Nominating Committee’s list of proposed candidates released
April 5 Deadline for receipt of nominations from members
May 10 Election information released; voting platform opens to members in geographical areas where elections may be required
June 14 Online voting ends
August 23 Election results announced at CMPA Annual Meeting of Members


Contact information

Members interested in seeking nomination are encouraged to contact Mrs. Cheryle Watson, Manager, Executive Services and Governance at 1-800-267-6522, extension 534, or at

Learn more about the council nomination and election process