Our value proposition

Deliver physician-to-physician medical-legal education, advice and assistance

Support physicians in delivering safe care to Canadians through evidence-based products and services

Provide timely and appropriate compensation to patients harmed by negligent medical care (fault in Québec)

Collaborate with stakeholders and leverage our pan-Canadian experience and perspective to effect positive change in healthcare

Advance innovative solutions to meet evolving member and stakeholder needs

Assist physicians

Canadian physicians care for their patients, confident the CMPA will assist them in reducing their medical liability risk and protect their professional integrity.

99,708 members
50% Specialists
37% Family medicine
13% Residents

 Delivering relevant and valued medical liability protection

22,622 newly opened
advice matters

"The experience... met my needs and my question was answered immediately and accurately. I was able to manage my issue later that day and felt confident in how I approached it."
CMPA member

Newly opened in 2018


College (regulatory authority) matters


Hospital matters


Civil legal actions


 Supporting members with College complaints

Provided education aimed at reducing the likelihood of members becoming involved in complaints

Assisted members with understanding the process and navigating the system

Advocated for compassionate and fair resolution of College matters


 Providing tailored assistance for members in need


Over 230 members supported with:

  • one-to-one advice
  • individualized education plans
  • ongoing outreach and support

 Promoting healthier physicians


Guided members to existing physician wellness resources available in their jurisdiction


Delivered workshops to physician leaders to gain the knowledge and skills to establish a just culture


Advocated for supportive policy and regulation to improve physician wellness


Our post-contact survey revealed:


of members were satisfied with the service they received.


reported a drop in their stress levels following contact

Read the full “Assist physicians” section See pages 10-15 in the Annual Report [PDF]

Contribute to safe medical care

In support of a high-quality and effective healthcare system, the CMPA contributes to safe medical care to reduce harm resulting from the provision of care.

 Delivering practice improvement education

Continuing professional development (CPD) sessions
318 events
17,951 attendees

 Building member capacity to improve safety

New workshop and coaching program:
Is No News Good News? Build a more reliable follow-up system for test results

over 400 attendees

were inspired to take action to assess and improve their follow-up system

"I had an epiphany at the workshop and now appreciate my level of responsibility to close the loop and ensure effective test follow-up."
— Workshop participant


 Collaborating and innovating to improve safe care

Logo: moreOB
CMPA joined Salus Global, the provider of the MOREOB program, to advance the safety of obstetrical and perinatal care in Canada.

Logo: SafeOR
Saegis partnered with Surgical Safety Technologies (SST) to enhance surgical safety in Canada through the SafeORTM program.

 Empowering safe care through evidence-based research

Two research manuscripts published in 2018:

Using medico-legal data to support safe medical care: A contributing factor coding framework.
Published in the Journal of Healthcare Risk Management.

Improved hospital safety performance and reduced medico-legal risk: an ecological study using two Canadian databases.
Published in CMAJ Open.

Read the full “Contribute to safe medical care” section See pages 16-21 in the Annual Report [PDF]

Support the medical liability system

The CMPA supports an effective and sustainable medical liability system that meets the needs of physicians and their patients.

 Influencing key legislation, regulation, and policies

We offer data, expertise, and expert viewpoints to effect positive change on healthcare and medical-legal issues.

Top 5 areas of engagement

  • Regulated health professions acts
  • Physician wellness
  • Membership fees and system costs
  • E-health (electronic medical records)
  • Patient safety (medical assistance in dying, opioid prescribing, quality of care, and culture of safety)

 Containing medical liability protection costs

2018 membership fees
$50 million over 2017

We are committed to the goal of containing the growth in costs and maintaining a predictable fee structure.

 Leveraging technology

In 2018 we increased availability of mobile and web-based services.

 Supporting and empowering a talented workforce

In 2018 we invested in learning opportunities that emphasize:

analytical skills
critical thinking
change leadership
project management
Read the full “Support the medical liability system” section See pages 22-25 in the Annual Report [PDF]

Financial performance

The Association’s long-term financial objective is to hold at least one dollar of assets available for claims for each dollar of discounted liabilities.

Compensation to patients


On behalf of our members, the CMPA provides timely and appropriate compensation for patients proven to have been injured as a result of negligent medical care.
Provision for outstanding claims


The CMPA actuarially estimates the total resources required to provide protection to its members including compensating patients.
Assets to compensate patients and support members


The CMPA invests to secure sufficient funds to meet members’ medical liability protection needs.
Read the full “Financial performance” section See pages 26-39 in the Annual Report [PDF]