Birinder Singh

Birinder Singh

MD, LLB, CCFP, FCFP, Law Society of Ontario

Toronto, Ontario
Family Medicine

Area 5, Division A

Candidate statement

I’ve had the privilege of serving my fellow Ontario physicians on CMPA Council for the past 6 years, and am looking for your support to continue to represent your interests on CMPA Council. During my tenure, I have worked hard to ensure that the CMPA is a well governed and strongly physician-focused organization. I have helped move forward several progressive initiatives on Council to ensure this vital organization continues to be successful and forward moving. I am a physician and lawyer who completed a combined law and medicine degree at Western, followed by a Supreme Court of Canada clerkship with Mr. Justice Ian Binnie for my law articling year. My background has afforded me a unique skill set that I hope to continue to use to help strengthen our CMPA.

I have been selected by the President to serve on the Executive Committee for the past 2 years. I have also been selected to be the Chair of both the Pension Committee and the Human Resources and Compensation Committee for the CMPA. I was asked to Chair these committees after only being on Council for 2 years, demonstrating my dedication and productive contribution to Council. I have also been elected by my fellow Councillors to sit on the Board of Saegis, a subsidiary of the CMPA. I am a full-time practicing family physician and the Medical Director of Eglinton Station Medical Centre in midtown Toronto. I have done legal consulting work in the past on important Supreme Court of Canada cases such as the Rasouli end-of-life case, the Chaoulli private health insurance decision, the Auton case on the funding of treatment for autistic children, and the Insite supervised drug injection site case. I have also worked in a legal capacity in the past for the CMPA at McCarthy Tetrault. Additionally, I have done expert opinion work for the CPSO as an Assessor for the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee, and have been an IMG supervisor. These experiences have afforded me the skills to provide varied and helpful insights at the CMPA, and to further our important work as the governors of this important organization.

I pledge to continue to work on behalf of Ontario physicians to ensure the CMPA is a strong and forward-looking organization, well-structured to continue to defend your interests in the future. If you have any questions, you can find me on Twitter @BirinSingh, or email me at Thanks for your consideration.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Eglinton Station Medical Centre

Medical Director

Interveners before the Supreme Court of Canada

Legal Consultant

Patient Networks

Staff physician

University of Toronto

Adjunct professor / preceptor, Family Medicine Longitudinal Experience

Professional Appointments

Access Alliance Community Health Centre

Board Member

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Peer Reviewer

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Medical inspector/expert
Clinical supervisor (for IMG applying for independent licence in Ontario)

Justice Ian Binnie of the Supreme Court of Canada

Law Clerk

North Toronto Ontario Health Team Digital Working Group

Physician Member


Board Member

The Maytree Foundation

Legal and medical specialist, DiverseCity Voices

CMPA Appointments

Governance Committee
Human Resources & Compensation Committee (Chair 2016-2018)
Nominating Committee
Governance Committee
Pension Committee (Chair 2016-2018)
Executive Committee
Nominating Committee
CEO Selection Committee

Election contact information

Phone: 416-624-6233