Darcy E Johnson

Darcy Johnson*


Winnipeg, Manitoba
Family medicine

Area 4, Division A

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Candidate statement

I will continue to support the CMPA in its critical mission, the provision of high quality medicolegal support for Canadian physicians, as well as championing safer medical care for Canadians. The current COVID epidemic continues to be a very stressful time for practicing physicians and Residents, the CMPA must continue to support your needs, with an increasing focus on maintaining physician wellness.

I will continue to support the modernization of CMPA processes to better provide streamlined services to our members. I recognize the substantial financial contribution from members and will continue to ensure that CMPA assets continue to be well managed, so as to keep fees manageable and predictable, while ensuring that assistance to physicians will be available for the long term.

I recognize that the costs generated by subsets of doctors such as women physicians as well as part time physicians may be less and needs to be examined.

I recognize that CMPA reimbursement is under threat across the country, and will help to ensure that all stakeholders recognize the value and critical role of the CMPA.

Going forward, the medical profession will be coming under more scrutiny and regulation by governments, health authorities, hospitals, and Colleges. CMPA will continue to ensure members interests are protected.

CMPA will continue to invest in patient safety initiatives, including our subsidiary, Saegis, to provide specialized educational services and products for members. These initiatives will serve to assist our members and reduce medicolegal costs, borne by the membership.

I have been fortunate in being able to serve Manitoba's physicians in many ways over decades including service on CMA and CFPC boards, as well as many years on Doctors Manitoba board. I have served as president of both Doctors Manitoba and the MCFP. I have served as site manager of Family Medicine at Concordia Hospital. This diversity of advocacy and service to physicians, along with my 5 years of CMPA council experience, will continue to help me serve the membership as a Councillor.

I have been elected twice to Council, and look forward to continue to be of service to CMPA members.

I look forward to re-election to council to continue to support CMPA's ability to support the membership.

Relevant skills and experience

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Concordia Hospital

Medical Staff

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MD financial

Physician advisory Council

Doctors Manitoba

Secretary Section of family Practice

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Election contact information

Email: sedsjohn@shaw.ca
Phone: 204-996-5838

*Proposed through the Nominating Committee