Fay Leung

Fay Leung*


Vancouver, British Columbia
Orthopaedic Surgery

Area 1, Division B

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Candidate statement

In my 10 years as an Orthopaedic Surgeon, I have on occasion, received a patient complaint. For me, these incidents have been fraught with potent emotions, as I interpret these complaints as a challenge to my professional integrity. I consider professional integrity to be one of my core characteristics, and it is distressing when my sense of identity is questioned. In these times, without fail the CMPA has provided guidance and reassurance. The counsel from CMPA has always reflected the goals of the organization to protect our professional integrity, support safe medical care and meet our medical liability needs. I routinely review the CMPA publications and am impressed with the CMPA’s adherence the core values of providing safe medical care, service excellence, mutuality, discretionary assistance, and responsible stewardship. I particularly value the role that CMPA has taken in medical education to promote these values and achieve its long-term outcomes.

As an Orthopedic Surgeon the most gratifying aspect of my career in so far has been my involvement in education. I identify strongly as an educator; I am dedicated to the acquisition, application and dissemination of knowledge. I have an insatiable appetite for Continuing Medical Education, and contribute to research and teaching of Orthopedic Residents and other medical professionals. I believe that our professional integrity is in part defined by our body of knowledge in our field of expertise, appropriate clinical application of knowledge, and utilization of best practice guidelines to inform public policy and legislation. My values as they relate to education are aligned with the CMPA values of practicing professionally and ethically, providing service excellence, and advocating for responsible resource management.

The CMPA is a strong and reputable organization. I would contribute to the council by building on the record of demonstrated excellence, and would enhance the diversity. I am a female community Orthopaedic surgeon with strong academic ties, and I have worked in both the public and private sector. I am from an immigrant family, and I work in a community with strong ethnic representation. I have travelled extensively, and worked in many different countries in many different capacities. I am a parent, and an ardent sports enthusiast and competitor. I hope that my diverse professional and personal background offers a perspective that is valuable to the CMPA.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

WorkSafe BC

Visiting Specialist

University of British Columbia Hospital

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Richmond Hospital

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University of British Columbia

Clinical Assistant Professor

Election contact information

Email: fleung5@gmail.com
Phone: 604-616-2313

*Proposed through the Nominating Committee