Fay Leung


Fay Leung

Vancouver, British Columbia
Orthopaedic Surgery

Area 1, Division B

Key skills and experience

Patient safety
Physician wellness
World of medicine

Dr. Leung is an orthopedic surgeon with 10 years of community clinical practice and academic experience. Working in an ethnically diverse community coupled with her extensive international work experiences, Dr. Leung brings a unique perspective that is valuable to the CMPA.

As a practising surgeon at a busy community hospital, she is at the forefront of the challenges that physicians face in a complex health care system. Her governance experience on the Residents’ Planning Committee for the UBC Department of Orthopedics and on various UBC advisory committees has enabled her to advocate for system improvement, patient safety, and resource allocation.

Dr. Leung is an educator dedicated to the acquisition, application, and dissemination of knowledge. She is passionate about continuing medical education research and teaching of orthopedic residents and other medical professionals.

The Nominating Committee values the diversity of Dr. Leung’s medical work experience, as well as her governance acumen and involvement in continuing medical education.

Relevant skills and experience highlights

Practice Appointments

Richmond Hospital

Medical Staff

University of British Columbia Hospital

Associate Staff

WorkSafe BC

Visiting Specialist

Professional Appointments

University of British Columbia

Clinical Assistant Professor