Jacques Bouchard

MD, LMCC, CCFP, CCFP Award Recipient (May 2017)

Jacques Bouchard

Québec, Quebec
Family Medicine

Area 6, Division A — Generalists

Candidate statement

Since the beginning of my career,I have always been interested in improving medical practice.Various positions I have held,and still hold,have placed me in a leadership position,not only in the organization of services, but also in the constant pursuit of practice improvements related to, among other things, skill enhancement, and the analysis of events that could optimize these skills.I have been and am still involved in assessing medical practice,mainly in institutions.This close contact with my peers’ practices allows me to leverage my skills and better understand conditions that can lead to ethical, legal and other problems.As I am also involved in continuing medical education,data collected during analyses,and at other levels, allows me to adapt my training as part of my ongoing continuous practice improvement.

I believe I have a good knowledge base,as well as varied experiences gained over the years, for a position within the CMPA.The protection of my physician colleagues has always been one of my primary concerns.I have always been available, and very close to medical teams.I am in daily contact with physicians,and always greatly concerned with listening and problem solving.I also have a good experiences with Boards of directors ( Hospitals and private organizations boards,such as World Police- FireGames, Réseau Québecois enseignement en santé respiratoire-RQAM etc) I also represented mds at the international level ( various committees)

If I am asked about my potential contribution to your organization,my answer would be to share my experiences with the CMPA.And also to get actively involved with different committees,recognizing that I will be able to meet the requirements of these positions. One area that I would be very interested in is the training of physicians in relation to not only what the CMPA is ( or is not...) but also how the organization can help its members.In addition,I believe that a better understanding of procedures for writing medical notes and the application of preventive practices is necessary to avoid medical proceedings, while also integrating ethical and legal obligations. I am ready!.

Practice Appointments

CIUSSS Capitale nationale

Chair of the CMDP
Chair of the Comité de l'évaluation de l'acte médical, dentaire et pharmaceutique

CSSSS de Charlevoix


President of the Association des médecins omnipraticiens de Québec (AMOQ)

President of medical association

INESSS CSÉMI Comité scientifique d'évaluation des médicaments pour fins d'inscription

Member nominated by the Board + FMOQ

Professional Appointments

CIUSSS Capitale nationale

Chair of the CMDP
Chair of the comité de l'évaluation de l'acte médicale, dentaire et pharmaceutique


Comité scientifique d'évaluation des médicaments aux fins d'inscription

FMOQ Fédération des mds omnipraticiens du Québec ( mandate ending December 31st, 2018 )

Chair of audit committee

AMOQ Association des mds omnipraticiens de Québec

President of the association

FMOQ Fédération des mds omnipraticiens du Québec

Continuing medical education officer

Election contact information

Email: jacques.bouchard@videotron.ca
Phone: 418-563-5963 (cell)