Jennifer Clara Tang

MD, FRCPC, MHSc (Bioethics)

Jennifer Clara Tang

Ancaster, Ontario
Emergency medicine

Area 5, Division B — Specialists

Candidate statement

I am an emergency physician and Coroner in my first five years of practice. I practice emergency medicine and teach in the academic community of McMaster University. As an Investigative Coroner who presides over inquests, I serve the province of Ontario and the greater community in Hamilton and Brant County.

I wish to join CMPA council because I wish to give back to an organization that I believe has great value. I have unique expertise in bioethics (Masters of Health Sciences (Bioethics) including a Clinical Ethics practicum), and I also have experience viewing patient care through a legal lens from my experience as an Investigative and Inquest Coroner. I have the skills, experience, and diverse perspective that would be valuable and foster the long-term success of the association. I have reviewed the CMPA's strategic plan for 2015-2019 and the outcomes (specifically outcome #1: assisting physicians, and outcome #2: contributing to safe medical care) align with the work that I have already been involved in as a former board member for the Professional Association of Residents of Ontario, as a teacher of ethics to medical learners, and as a Coroner.

As a CMPA Council member I would bring unique perspective to the table from my experience of being a diverse female physician in her early career. I bring knowledge from my medico-legal work as a Presiding Inquest Coroner, working with lawyers, juries, various ministries of government, and parties with standing. As an Investigative Coroner, I bring perspective from working with physicians and the justice system, and from listening to the concerns expressed by physicians, and patients. I have devoted much of my professional time to teaching ethics and professionalism at McMaster University and I enjoy working with medical students. I enjoy the teaching because of the lively debates and discussions I am privileged to have with the future of our profession. I would bring these perspectives forward.

If elected as a Council member, I will devote myself to promoting member engagement in early career physicians through work on the Member and Stakeholder Relations Committee. I believe it is important to reach out to early career physicians and trainees to see how the CMPA can best serve their interests. I am interested in innovative initiatives to engage early career physicians like the CMPA Safe Care Live! Facebook group and @CMPAmembers Twitter account.

Practice Appointments

McMaster University

Assistant Clinical Professor

Hamilton Health Sciences Hospital

Active Staff

Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario

Investigative Coroner
Presiding Inquest Coroner

Professional Appointments

Canadian Medical Association

CMA Bioethics Committee-Ontario Delegate
General Council in Yellowknife: Delegate to General Council (Ontario)
General Council in Vancouver: Delegate to General Council (Ontario)

Hamilton Health Sciences

Clinical Bioethics Committee Member

Ontario Medical Association

Delegate to Council: Section of Interns and Residents

Ontario Medical Association-Professional Association of Residents of Ontario

Resident Representative (Member Services Board Committee)
Resident Representative (Physician Health Program Advisory Committee)

City of Hamilton

Homelessness Funding Implementation Citizen Group

Queen's Emergency Medicine

Chief Resident

Professional Association of Residents of Ontario

Board of Directors: Secretary
Board Lead, Working Group on Distributed Medical Education
Queen's University Site Chair
Equity, Diversity and Gender Committee of Ontario’s Faculties of Medicine Resident Representative

Queen's University

Research Ethics Board - Resident Member

Professional Association of Residents of Ontario

Resident Advocate (accompanied residents in distress to hearings)

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