Marianne Jane Taylor

Marianne Jane Taylor


Kelowna, British Columbia
Medical Oncology

Area 1, Division B

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Candidate statement

Thank you for considering me for your vote for CMPA Council. I believe I have the necessary clinical experience and academic training to effectively represent the Specialists of BC and the Yukon.

I have been in clinical practice as a Medical Oncologist for over 30 years and worked in both Ontario and BC. I have lived in Kelowna for more than 20 years and have over 12 years of leadership experience. Most recently, as the VP of Systemic Therapy at BC Cancer Agency, I had 150+ physicians reporting through to me, and was responsible for quality, safety and addressed credentialing, complaints and disciplinary issues. I managed the $250M oncology drug budget and made the final decisions about launching new drug programs. Making informed decisions about new drug programs, which required balancing the competing interests of patient and clinician demand versus fairness, affordability and budgetary constraints, strengthened my resolve in challenging circumstances. During the last 10 years, I have also completed my MBA at UBC and a Master’s in Health Care Quality at Queens University. I am confident this education would be invaluable on Council as it offers a broad, evidenced-based perspective.

I have personally employed the services of the CMPA on several occasions during my career, and I have found their services to be invaluable and reassuring. I also strongly believe in the role CMPA has adopted in improving safety and quality in medical practice, and I believe even more can be done to make practice safer. On council, I would promote and advocate for stronger and better services that would meet the needs of my specialty colleagues in BC and the Yukon.

Thank you for considering me to represent you on council.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

University of British Columbia

Associate Professor, Assistant Professor

BC Cancer

Medical Oncologist
VP - Quality
VP - Systemic Therapy
Head of Medical Oncology - Kelowna site

University of Western Ontario

Assistant Professor

London Regional Cancer Clinic

Medical Oncologist

Professional Appointments


Chair of Oncology Drug Implementation Advice Panels
Cancer drug review committee member - pERC
Chair of the provincial advisory group for the pan Canadian Oncology Drug review

Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies

Drug funding sustainability project - medical oncologist

Election contact information

Phone: 604-831-8601