Mark Dermer

Mark Dermer


Ottawa, Ontario
Family physician

Area 5, Division A

Candidate statement

I am interested in becoming a CMPA councillor so that I can contribute my skills and experience to sustaining and strengthening our profession's most important association. At a time when we are experiencing growing workplace stress and burnout, our mutual protection association has an essential role to play in assisting us with three key issues. First, we face emerging and disruptive changes to healthcare delivery, particularly in the broadening scope of practice of other professions and from the rapid advancement of virtual care and artificial intelligence. Second, we increasingly struggle to reconcile our accountability to best evidence with patient demands. Finally, we rely on government reimbursements to fund our association, which is a vulnerability that I believe we must proactively address.
Over my career to date I have had the opportunity to serve in a variety of relevant leadership roles that have prepared me for the role of councillor: founder and practice lead of an award winning 11-doctor group practice, physician advisor and CME educator for the CMA, senior medical advisor to Canada Health Infoway, independent healthcare consultant, and now medical director and chief privacy officer for a telemedicine company delivering employer-paid physician services. Those roles and my related interests have helped me acquire broad knowledge of clinical practice, healthcare policy, implementation and optimization of new innovations, and regulatory compliance, privacy and ethics. My accumulated experience has also developed my skills in strategy, management, finance, governance and communications. Finally, I am fluent in French.
If I am elected, I will work diligently and loyally for my member colleagues so that the CMPA maintains its autonomy and its dedication to physicians, while I also contribute to our association’s effective adaptation to a demanding and rapidly evolving practice environment. These undertakings are to achieve my primary goal: assuring that our existing membership and the young people entering our profession have a rewarding and well-protected medical career.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Community-based primary care offices

Family Physician

Dialogue Technologies

Telemedicine Physician

Hillel Lodge Nursing Home

Attending Physician

Riverside Hospital

Active Staff

The Ottawa Hospital - General Campus

Active Staff

Professional Appointments

Canada Health Infoway

Senior Medical Advisor - Ontario

Central Ottawa Family Health Organization

Lead Physician

CMA Holdings

Clinical Advisor and CME Educator

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Peer Assessor

Dialogue Technologies

Medical Director
Chief Privacy Officer

Election contact information

Phone: 613-233-8345