Melissa Nicolle Holowaty

Melissa Holowaty*


Havelock, Ontario
Family medicine

Area 5, Division A

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Candidate statement

Our practice as physicians has never undergone a more massive transformation than now. CoVid has upended our delivery and experience of medicine, forever changing how we interact with patients and one another. Underneath that constant stress, the pace of information delivery has become exponentially faster as studies and opinions are released on social media long before journal publication. Our roles as experts, communicators and advocates can sometimes feel uneasy in this rapidly changing environment. In the midst of such upheaval, we need to be able to rely with confidence on the protection of the CMPA. As our understanding of medicine changes, our understanding of what protection looks like needs to be just as responsive. As such, I will be a voice of adaptation at the CMPA in considering the risks of the future to ensure we continue to provide stability to physician practices within an unstable landscape.

I have governance experience in assisting with the transformation of the Ontario Medical Association. I am passionate about advocating for physicians and supporting them in their practice. I am keenly interested in the development, assessment and execution of policies that support both physician and patient safety and well being.

As someone who has worked and lived in a very small town for the past decade, I bring with me a distinct rural lens, to provide an element of diversity that is often lacking from medical discussions.

I would be honored to serve in this capacity and look forward to contributing to this influential work.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Quinte Health Care

Medical Staff - courtesy privileges

Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Medical Staff - consulting privileges

Central Hastings Family Health Organization


Professional Appointments

Mentoring, Education, and Clinical Tools for Addiction: Primary Care-Hospital Integration

Advisory Committee Member

Ontario College of Family Physicians

Co-Chair, Mentoring Implementation Group

Ontario Medical Association

Governance and Nominating Committee Member
Board Director
Hastings Prince Edward Delegate for District 6
Rural Expert Panel Member

College of Family Physicians of Canada

Chair, Addiction Medicine Member Interest Group

ECHO Ontario Liver

Advisory Board Member

Society of Rural Physicians of Canada

Board Member - Ontario Representative

Hastings and Prince Edward Medical Society


Central Hastings Family Health Team

Board Member

Election contact information

Phone: 647-828-9289

*Proposed through the Nominating Committee