Michael Curry

Michael Curry, LLB/JD, MD, CCFP(EM), FCLM, FCFP

Vancouver, British Columbia
Emergency Medicine / Family Medicine

Area 1, Division A


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Practice Appointments
University of British Columbia - MD Undergraduate Program
• Electives Director / Year 4 Chair / Interim Associate Director of Curriculum 2013-Ongoing
University of British Columbia
• Clinical Associate Professor 2010-Ongoing
Delta Hospital
• Emergency Physician 2009-Ongoing
Alberta and British Columbia
• Locum Physician 2004-Ongoing
Delta Hospital
• Chief of Emergency Medicine 2012-2014
St. Mary’s Hospital, Camrose, AB
• Heart and Stroke Clinic Physician 2008-2013
Professional Appointments
Doctors of BC (former BCMA)
• Chair, Audit & Finance Committee 2015-Ongoing
• Member, Human Resources Committee 2015-Ongoing
• Member, Insurance Committee 2013-Ongoing
• Member, Audit & Finance Committee 2010-Ongoing
Delta Emergency Physicians’ Association
• President 2014-2016
Provincial Advisory Panel on Stroke Care
• Member 2012-2015
Fraser Health Stroke Steering Committee
• Member 2011-2015
Medical Council of Canada
• Examiner 2008-2011
University of Alberta
• Clinical Lecturer 2005-2010
Canadian Association of Internes and Residents
• Board Member 2002-2005
College of Family Physicians of Canada
• Resident (CAIR) Board Representative 2003-2005
Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Ontario
• President 2003-2004
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
• Resident Representative to Council 2003-2004
Canadian Medical Association
• Member, Committee of Affiliates 2001-2004
• Ontario Delegate, General Council 2001-2004
• Member, Committee on Ethics 2000-2003
Ontario Medical Association
• Board Representative (Student and Resident) 2000-2004
• Student Section Chair 2000-2001
Canadian Federation of Medical Students
• Ontario Director 1999-2000
CMPA Appointments
Council (Resident Representative) 2002-2004