Michal Kalisiak

Michal Kalisiak

BSc, MD, FRCPC, MBA Candidate

Calgary, Alberta

Area 2, Division B

Candidate statement

Medical practice is evolving rapidly, and CMPA is in the best position to offer support and guidance. As Graeme Wood stated in 2009, “change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again.” The past decade provided plenty of proof, and we can anticipate even more in the upcoming years:

Analytics and data technologies are changing the practice of medicine: While we have mostly adapted to EMRs, with their impact on privacy and access to information, we have yet to face the consequences of the data being analyzed and used to scrutinize and guide our practices. Further, the predictive power of AI, already making inroads into some fields of medicine, will eventually impact most of our diagnostic and treatment choices. Who will be responsible for the influence that complex computer algorithms will have on our clinical decisions is an essential question that CMPA is in the best position to tackle.

Public expectations outpace financial constraints: Safe and effective medical practice has its costs. While regulatory bodies are quick to impose new requirements and regulations, physicians may not individually have the resources to fully abide.

Societal attitudes are shifting: Legalization of MAiD is one of the most recent examples of rapid shifts in policy that profoundly test physician’s integrity, ethics and medico-legal risk. CMPA plays a critical role in helping members navigate such policy changes.

DNA technologies pose great promise but also medicolegal pitfalls: Most physicians do not access DNA testing in their clinical care, while many patients already use commercial DNA sequencing services. Are we wise not to jump on the bandwagon or are we missing the boat? We need to be prepared to face the rise of personal genomics in a productive way.

As your Councilor, I will ensure that CMPA thrives as an agile, forward-looking, and adaptive organization that is effective at protecting and proactively guiding its members. I believe that my governance experience at numerous physician organizations such as CPSA and AMA, both medical and MBA training, as well as hands-on experience with novel health technologies that I gained through interactions with multiple health startup companies at the Rotman’s Creative Destruction Lab, will serve me well in my role as a Councilor.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at mike.kalisiak@gmail.com or via www.linkedin.com/in/mikekalisiak if you have any questions. I look forward to your support!

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Alberta Children's Hospital

Consulting privileges, Dermatology

Foothills Medical Centre

Consulting privileges, Dermatology

Peter Lougheed Centre

Consulting privileges, Dermatology

Rockyview General Hospital

Consulting privileges, Dermatology

Sunpark Dermatology

Private practice

Professional Appointments

Alberta Medical Association

Representative Forum Delegate
Health Issues Council, Member
Nominating Committee, Member
Specialist Care Alliance, Executive Member

Canadian Dermatology Association

Membership and Awards Committee, Member

Canadian Society of Dermatologic Surgery

Board Member

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta

Finance and Audit Committee, Member
Complaint Appeals Committee, Member
Nominating Committee, Member

Indoor Tanning is Out, Alberta Coalition


Professional Association of Residents of Alberta

Executive Board Member, Edmonton and Northern Alberta Representative

Provincial Approach to Reducing the Incidence of Skin Cancer – Alberta

Steering Committee Member

Schulman Associates Independent Review Board, Inc. (Research Ethics Board)

US and Canadian Boards, Member

University of Calgary

Associate Clinical Professor

Election contact information

Email: mike.kalisiak@gmail.com
Phone: 403 278 1997