Monika Dutt

Monika Dutt


Sydney, Nova Scotia
Family Medicine; Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Area 8, Division B

Candidate statement

I am interested in being a member of the CMPA council for a number of reasons.

Based on personal experience with CMPA resources and through discussions with colleagues, I have gained an understanding of the CMPA's work and see its importance in the health care landscape. Reviewing the CMPA's 2019-2022 strategic plan, I’m impressed at the direction the organization has been and is taking. Given my public health background and systems/broader policy focus, I’m particularly intrigued by the commitments in the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan to “appropriate system reforms that sustain the delivery of healthcare,” and “responsible stewardship of resources.” There is also mention of being “guided by a deep, data-driven understanding” — it heartens me to read these words from a physician organization.

If elected to this role, I would bring the perspective of being both a Family Physician and a Public Health and Preventive Medicine specialist. Those roles encompass an understanding of both clinical primary care as well as broader policies, legislation and environments that impact health. I’d also bring networks and relationships with a range of partners, in and out of medicine, including other health-focused organizations. I would also bring experience from being on several Boards, from community-based agencies to national non-profits.

I’ve worked in several jurisdictions, including Ontario, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Nova Scotia. I'm familiar with practising in downtown Toronto, rural Nova Scotia, and remote northern Canada, and have often worked in and with Indigenous communities. I hope that breadth of experience would be useful to the Council.

If elected, I would seek to better understand the CMPA and convey its purpose and activities to membership. I’d explore ways in which the CMPA could enhance its social accountability amidst the “shifting economic, policy, social, and technological pressures” mentioned in the strategic plan. This could include a greater focus on issues such as virtual care, as well as exploring the CMPA’s role with respect to significant health issues such as climate change, poverty and racism. Reconciliation and gender equity into organizational practises are also important priorities to explore and embed.

Most importantly, I'd work to ensure the CMPA is valuable, accountable and relevant to its members.

Thank-you for considering my application.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Ally Centre of Cape Breton

Physician (sessional fee)

Community clinic (New Waterford, Nova Scotia)

Locum physician

Community clinic (North Sydney, Nova Scotia)

Locum physician

Government of Nova Scotia

Medical Officer of Health, Cape Breton District Health Authority / Eastern Zone

Government of the Northwest Territories

Locum physician

Mino M'shki-ki Indigenous Health Centre (New Liskeard, Ontario)

Contract physician

Northern Family Health Team (New Liskeard, Ontario)

Locum physician

Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority

Locum physician

Timiskaming Health Unit (northeastern Ontario)

Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer

University of Saskatchewan

Deputy Medical Officer of Health
Medical staff


Executive Director

Wagmatcook Community Health Centre (Wagmatcook, Nova Scotia)

Contract physician

Professional Appointments

Broadbent Institute

Board member

Canadian Doctors for Medicare

Board member

Doctors Nova Scotia

Board member

YMCA of Cape Breton

Board member

Election contact information

Phone: 705-648-4253