Patrick Trudeau

Patrick Trudeau*


Chicoutimi, Québec
General surgeon

Area 6, Division B

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Candidate statement

I am a general surgeon in Chicoutimi, Quebec. I have worked here since 1999. In the service, we have many medical students and residents coming in for surgical rotations. I love having students around that ask relevant questions and are keen to learn from experiences in clinical context. These learners eventually become doctors on their own and it makes me proud to contribute to that. After being the chief of the general surgery service and the chief of the surgical department, I was ready for more administrative challenges on a broader level. That's when the CMPA Council came into play.

The end of my first 3 year term as a councillor for the CMPA Council is coming next summer. Already two years have gone by. I have learned a lot about this great organisation already, but I know there is more to come. I am seeking another term now for 2021-2024 because I think I can now bring even more input into this challenging task on Council. As a general surgeon, living in a very francophone rural region in the province of Quebec, I am exposed daily to a reality that needs to be present and expressed on Council. Positive culture and diversity is important on Council and for the whole organisation. I want to contribute more to the CMPA with my knowledge and skills.

I have had the privilege to represent my fellow CMPA members and give my personal thoughts on very sensitive subjects. I plan to still invest all time needed to prepare for meetings and make sure my contribution is heard in French and English.

In 2020, the world has changed, so has the medical profession. My own experience at work was difficult because I was used to always try to give the best treatment in the shortest delay possible. Not having access to normal surgical time, very long delays for any surgical or endoscopic intervention, being forced to stay home many days... This is not what I wanted for my practice and my patients. And every doctor around me felt the same. Desorienting is was. Times are a bit better now, we are more prepared, hospital are getting back up to pace but it might get worse before it gets better. We need to think about our medical profession and the wellbeing of our members. We also need to think about our patients who are waiting for their treatments or exams. We need to push for them and for our members, in a safe and thoughtful way.

Relevant skills and experience

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CIUSSS hôpital de Chicoutimi

Medical staff

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Hôpital de Chicoutimi

Chief of surgical department
Chief of general surgery service

Association québécoise de chirurgie

Telemedicine committee chair

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Culture Sub-committee
Safe Medical Care Committee
Extent of Assistance Committee
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