Ross George Berringer

Ross Berringer

B.Sc MD Diplomate ABEM MCFP(EM)

West Vancouver, British Columbia
Emergency medicine

Area 1, Division A

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Candidate statement

I am an emergency physician from British Columbia seeking your support in becoming a CMPA councillor.
The CMPA is an important, highly visible, respected, and trusted organization within the Canadian medical system. Physicians across Canada often turn to the CMPA not only for assistance in times of trouble but also for advice even in the absence of a medico legal threat. The motto "for physicians and by physicians" has stood the organization in good stead for over a century. Members consistently value the physician to physician service that the Association has consistently provided. Sound advice and excellent legal services are provided for a variety of medico legal issues. One of the fundamental tenets of the Association has been maintaining the integrity of Canadian physicians but not to the detriment of patients who have been harmed by negligent care and are deserving of compensation.
The past two decades have seen the Association move from a reactive to a proactive posture. The Association is now active in a variety of educational spheres and provides information and advice face to face, in print, and on line. These educational initiatives are important and focused not solely on physicians in independent practice but also trainees where an ounce of prevention can yield a pound of cure. It is essential that the CMPA maintain existing educational resources and continue to explore new opportunities such as Saegis. it is important that young physicians see the CMPA as relevant, credible and evolving.
As a councillor my goals would be:
1) Assisting the Case Review Committee with reviews of difficult and contentious cases
2) Exploring processes that could lead to an earlier resolution of legal cases such as early decisions on defensibility and limiting the number of defence experts approached
3) Maintaining and growing educational initiatives
4) Encouraging sharing of medico legal data with other organizations who have an interest in patient safety
5) Examining the process for assistance with college complaints to determine whether efficiencies might be identified particularly early resolution.
6) Reviewing dismissed cases as to whether compensation is warranted. Many dismissed cases have merit but cannot be pursued by the plaintiffs due to financial constraints. The CMPA needs to honor its stated mandate of compensating patients in the face of negligent care.

With your support please help me realize these goals.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

University of British Columbia

Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical Instructor / Clinical Assistant Professor

Providence Health Care

Emergency physician
Emergency physician

University of Ottawa

Associate Professor

Ottawa Hospital

Emergency physician

Canadian Medical Protective Association

Physician Risk Manager

Professional Appointments

British Columbia Ambulance Service

Advance Life Support Medical Advisor
Local Medical Coordinator

Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services

Medical Director

Heart and Stroke British Columbia

Chair B.C. Emergency Cardiac Care Committee

St. Pauls Hospital

Member Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
Acting Department Head
Chair Disaster Control Committee

Election contact information

Phone: 613-986-5024