Sylvie Bouchard

MD, PhD.

Sylvie Bouchard

Pierrefonds, Québec

Area 6, Division A — Generalists

Key skills and experience


Patient safety


Dr. Sylvie Bouchard is a family medicine physician with over 17 years’ experience in healthcare. She is an emergency physician and teaches medical learners. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the CMPA through her various leadership roles. The Nominating Committee values Dr. Bouchard’s extensive experience in medical and scientific research and national and international business.

Relevant skills and experience highlights

Practice Appointments

  • Emergency Physician, Lakeshore General Hospital Physician (2001- )
  • Medical Expert, Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (2013- )
  • Faculty Lecturer, Supervision/Teaching Medical Learners, McGill University (2001- )
  • Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, International Research, Labopharm Inc. (2001-2008)
  • Novartis Inc. (1981-1996)
    • Vice President, Clinical Research, North America
    • Medical Director, Canada
    • Director of Clinical Group (France), Coordination (Switzerland)

CIUSSS Montreal West Island Medical Complaints Committee

  • Chair (2017- )

Pharmacology Committee, Lakeshore General Hospital

  • Chair (2005-2013)

College of Family Physicians of Canada

  • Member, Family Medicine Residency Examination Correction Group (2003- )

University of Montreal

  • Medical Examiner for the assessment and referral of physicians from the USA and other foreign countries (DHCEU) (2012- )

Régie de l'Assurance Maladie du Québec

  • Medical Witness, Administrative Tribunal of Quebec (2013- )

PhD, Laval University

Certificate of Advocacy, Executive MBA Program, Concordia University