Victoria Januszkiewicz

Victoria Januszkiewicz*

MD (Resident)

Kingston, Ontario
Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident

Area 5, Division A

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Candidate statement

Thank you for the consideration of my application for CMPA Council Membership (Division A, Resident Member). I am a first year Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident at Queen's University, and I completed medical school at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

In preparation for this application, I listened to an address by Dr. Lisa Calder, CEO of the CMPA, and heard her speak about the goal and desire to "modernize" the CMPA. I believe that any resident perspective would be incredibly valuable in this process, as a member of the future generation of fully licensed physicians in Canada.

Through medical school we learn a little about the CMPA here and there, but it isn't an organization or resource that we are fully knowledgeable about, and we are naive to the challenges of practice that the CMPA may be able to help us with in the future. We learn theory and we consider future implications, but the weight of the responsibility you feel as a resident is not something that can be simulated or taught in medical school. Since becoming a resident, patient safety, systems concerns, and medical-legal concerns have become at the forefront of my thinking during many challenging situations, and this has been true from the moment I signed my first independent order as a resident doctor. From talking with colleagues I have learned that residents are interested to know what this organization has to offer them as a residents and beyond, and they need it to be an organization that is accessible to them and has tailored resources for them.

While I believe the general resident perspective is valuable to modernize and adapt the CMPA, I feel that my previous experiences make me a uniquely qualified candidate to assist in this process. As a medical student I held two Board of Director positions with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), and last year I sat on the MCC General Council as the CFMS representative. I have come to gain a very thorough understanding of the Canadian medical/medical education systems, and much of the historical context of these organizations and how they interact. As a CMPA Councillor, I feel that this would be a unique perspective that I could bring when it comes to making changes to the CMPA and how it currently functions in this system.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Queen's University / Kingston General Hospital

OBGYN Resident, PGY 1

Professional Appointments

Medical Council of Canada

Representative for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students to the MCC General Council

Canadian Federation of Medical Students

Vice President of Communications (Board Member)
Atlantic Regional Director (Board Member)

Election contact information

Phone: 506-461-4683

*Proposed through the Nominating Committee