Victoria Januszkiewicz

MD (Resident)

Victoria Januszkiewicz

Kingston, Ontario
Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident

Area 5, Division A

Key skills and experience


Dr. Januszkiewicz is a first year obstetrics and gynecology resident at Queen's University, and completed medical school at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

As a board member with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and as the CFMS representative with the Medical Council of Canada General Council (MCC), Dr. Januszkiewicz has gained valuable experience with the Canadian medical education system and governance process. She developed a solid understanding around governance best practices as part of the KPMG governance review of the MCC General Council and through her board training with the CFMS.

During her time as Vice President of Communications of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, she managed the public profile of CFMS and leveraged her strength in communication and government advocacy as one of the lead coordinators for a National Day of Action advocating for a National Seniors Strategy.

The Nominating Committee values Dr. Januszkiewicz’s unique perspective and understanding of relevant and emerging issues for residents, her governance experience, and skill set in communications, all of which will benefit the CMPA Council.

Relevant skills and experience highlights

Practice Appointments

Queen's University / Kingston General Hospital

OBGYN Resident, PGY 1

Professional Appointments

Canadian Federation of Medical Students

Vice President of Communications (Board Member)
Atlantic Regional Director (Board Member)

Medical Council of Canada

Representative for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students to the MCC General Council