Vishal Varshney

Vishal Varshney

MD, FRCPC (Anes), FRCPC (Pain Medicine)

Calgary, Alberta
Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Area 2, Division B

Candidate statement

I am interested in becoming a CMPA Councillor because I believe the CMPA plays a strong role in protecting both physicians and patients in Canada, and I hope to be part of the long term direction and success of this organization by being involved on Council. I served as the Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) Resident Representative to CMPA Council in 2017-2018, and during my time as an observer, I saw first-hand how CMPA Council operates. This experience provided me with an in-depth understanding of how CMPA Council acts upon its bylaw mandate to "manage and supervise the affairs and activities of the Association". I learned that the CMPA is a multi-faceted organization, not solely focused on medical liability, but also actively working to promote safe medical care and ensure the integrity of our profession. I was a part of the discussions leading to the content development and creation of the CMPA Resident Symposia, which have been immensely successful in bringing the CMPA to the forefront of resident physician's career, and providing them with an understanding of what safe medical care entails. I also observed on Council the rollout of Saegis, and participated in promoting its workshops and services for physicians and other healthcare professionals, including SafeOR and its Practice Management tools. All of these services have demonstrated that CMPA Council is interested in being more proactive, rather than reactive, with regards to ensuring safe medical care in Canada.

I am excited to see that the CMPA is actively encouraging diversity on Council. As a new-in-practice anesthesiologist, I believe I bring forward a diverse viewpoint on what is relevant to both resident and new-in-practice physicians, which was lacking during my time as an observer. I saw the CMPA focused on trying to engage physicians to adopt safe practice patterns as early as possible in their career, in keeping with the medium term objectives as outlined on the CMPA Strategic Plan, and I have many ideas on how to continue this momentum. If elected, I hope to serve in any capacity I can, but I have two main areas of interest: Member and Stakeholder Relations, and Governance. With regards to Member and Stakeholder Relations, I would like to work on raising the profile of the CMPA amongst learners and residency programs in Canada. With regards to Governance, my previous experience as Board Chair of RDoC has given me insight into good governance practices, which I hope to implement.

Relevant skills and experience

Practice Appointments

Calgary Chronic Pain Centre

Pain Medicine Resident

Rockyview General Hospital

Medical Staff

Professional Appointments

Canadian Medical Association

Member, Task Force on General Council

Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)

Observer (RDoC)

Doctors of BC

Member, Council for Health Economics and Policy
Resident Representative, Board of Directors

Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Member, Faculty Executive Committee

Resident Doctors of BC

Chair, Governance Committee
Vice President
President and Board Chair
Past President

Resident Doctors of Canada

Member, Practice Committee
Board Chair

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Representative, Regional Advisory Committee 1
External Reviewer for Accreditation

Election contact information

Phone: 4034788474