Toye Oyelese


Olutoyese Oyelese

Kelowna, British Columbia
Family medicine

Area 1, Division A

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Dr. Toye Oyelese is a family physician practising in Kelowna, British Columbia. Currently chief executive officer and part owner of a multi-physician practice, and a clinical assistant professor with the University of British Columbia medical faculty, he has over 30 years’ experience in a variety of healthcare systems including the military, occupational, Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), complementary and cosmetic medicine.

Dr. Oyelese is active in medical leadership and governance having sat on the Board of BC Family Doctors for the past four years, and is the current president of the organization. He is also a graduate of the Leadership and Management Development Program from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University.

Born in Montréal, Dr. Oyelese grew up in Nigeria and graduated medical school from the University of Ibadan before moving back to Canada. As an international medical graduate, he worked in a factory while studying and taking exams to enter into a medical training program.

The CMPA Nominating Committee values Dr. Oyelese’s healthcare system and governance experience, and leadership roles. He would bring a unique and diverse perspective based on his medical and lived experiences, as well as regional diversity.

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