Collaborating nationally to improve safe care

Originally published December 2018

In November, we announced a new collaboration to improve safety in obstetrical care. Together with the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC), we are now an equal shareholder in Salus Global, a world leader in obstetrical safety programs.

Our involvement will provide healthcare teams with greater awareness of, and access to, Salus Global’s MOREOB program. This program has already been implemented in over 300 hospitals across North America, and has been shown to greatly enhance care and reduce adverse events in perinatal care and childbirth. 

Obstetrics is one of Canada’s highest risk specialties. Adverse obstetrical events negatively impact families, healthcare providers, the healthcare system, and all of society. In joining with HIROC and SOGC to promote and improve access to the MOREOB program, we are proactively working to reduce risk and improve safety. 

Creating stronger teams with the MOREOB program

Image of Dr. Yolande Leduc

Dr. Yolande Leduc
Longueuil, Québec

“The whole obstetrical department in my hospital has embraced the MOREOB program with enthusiasm,” says Dr. Yolande Leduc, a Quebec-based family physician who works in obstetrics and CMPA Councillor. “The program works because all team members – including obstetricians and gynaecologists, general practitioners, pediatricians, anesthesiologists and nurses – receive the same information in the same way. When faced with a specific problem, all the pieces fall into place quickly and everyone knows what needs to be done."

“There’s an approach that is the same for everyone and we all feel bound to it. This builds an effective team spirit, allowing us to deal with emergencies in an easier and calmer fashion. All team members feel confident since they know which medical procedures are needed.” 

Our investment in Salus Global should also help improve the safety of care in other areas. While the MOREOB program focuses on obstetrical care, the program’s principles apply across the majority of medical disciplines. 

“The MOREOB program encourages everyone on the team to take responsibility,” says Dr. Leduc. “Everyone understands their role and knows where the team is headed. The principles of the MOREOB program could definitely be applied to interprofessional teams in other practice areas with good results.” 

Collaborating formally with healthcare stakeholders across Canada

After many years of exchanging data and insights with SOGC and HIROC, we’re pleased to be collaborating more formally and look forward to reporting on the expected improvements in medical liability risk. This new collaboration will benefit the entire CMPA membership by reducing the costs associated with medical-legal matters. Strong collaborations with our federal, provincial, and territorial healthcare partners are also central to the CMPA’s mission of promoting safe care. 

Partners for safe care

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