Renewed Strategic Plan sets the CMPA’s course for next four years

Originally published April 2019

With a renewed Strategic Plan that extends to 2022, CMPA members can continue to be confident that the CMPA will meet their medical liability protection needs, both now and in the future.

The renewed plan is built on extensive information gathering and analysis to fully understand how we can continue to earn the trust of our members. We examined the current healthcare landscape and, through our 2018 member survey, asked you—our members— how we should evolve our services. We also consulted with governments, medical regulatory authorities (Colleges), healthcare associations, and medical specialty organizations. Finally, we drew upon the perspective of our physician advisors and other staff who speak with members daily.

We confirmed that shifting economic, technological, and social pressures are putting increasing strain on your practice and your ability to deliver care. We also identified areas where we can adapt our support and services to help you provide safer medical care. Our response, as articulated in the Strategic Plan, is to both retain the high quality services you depend upon and pursue innovative solutions that positively impact individual practitioners and the healthcare system as a whole.

Photo of Dr. Steven Edworthy

Dr. Steven Edworthy
Calgary, Alberta

Photo of Dr. Sally Jorgensen

Dr. Sally Jorgensen
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

“As someone who has been in clinical practice for many years, I have seen a lot of change in our profession. Through it all, the CMPA has remained steadfast in its commitment to support physicians and enable system-level improvements. With its new Strategic Plan, the CMPA is in a great position to continue to deliver its assistance and services while expanding initiatives to support the safe delivery of medical care. I believe the plan strikes the right balance between continuity and change for the Association and its members,” says Dr. Steven Edworthy, an Alberta-based rheumatologist and CMPA Council member.

A key element of the CMPA’s approach is increased collaboration. Council member Dr. Sally Jorgensen, who is an obstetrician in Nova Scotia, observes that, “Our ability as physicians to achieve great outcomes depends on many factors, but perhaps the most significant is working together toward a shared goal.” She adds that teamwork is crucial in hospital obstetrical units, and indeed for most complex endeavors. “The work of the CMPA is certainly multi-faceted, and so we need to work in tandem with other organizations to help bring the best possible healthcare to Canadians.”

Last year’s announcement that the CMPA had entered into a collaboration with the Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) as a shareholder in Salus Global, a leading provider of obstetrical safety programs, illustrates the CMPA’s collaborative and system-wide approach. The CMPA’s Strategic Plan envisions further partnerships and alliances aimed at improving the environment in which physicians practise.

The 2019-2022 Strategic Plan is the roadmap that strengthens the CMPA’s position as an advocate for positive change in the way in which Canadian healthcare is delivered. It also reinforces the CMPA’s commitment to providing you with effective and efficient medical liability protection, empathetic and meaningful assistance and advice, and evidence-based, educational products and services. Members can remain confident that, in the event of medical-legal difficulties, they can turn to the CMPA for assistance.

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