The 2018 member survey results are in!

Originally published January 2019

We recently asked our members to participate in the CMPA’s biennial membership survey. The goal of the survey is to gain insight into how you view the CMPA and the services we offer – what you think we’re doing well, how you think we could improve, and how your impressions of us might have changed over time.

Your overall impressions are very positive

We’re proud of what you told us. Ninety percent of respondents said their overall impressions of the CMPA were either very positive or positive, and you rated us highly in terms of trust, responsiveness, and integrity.

Image of Dr. Debra Boyce

Dr. Debra Boyce
Peterborough, Ontario

"I’m pleased with these results," says CMPA President Dr. Debra Boyce. "Everything we do at the CMPA is about serving our members, so it’s great to know you have confidence in us and in the services we provide."

The vast majority of respondents (93%) were satisfied with the overall quality and range of CMPA services, and almost all respondents (97 – 98%) were satisfied with CMPA safe care educational resources such as the monthly eBulletin, our e-learning activities and modules, and web-based materials such as handbooks and fact sheets.

You value the CMPA’s safe care resources and peer-to-peer support

"Almost all members (98%) who use CMPA resources – such as peer-to-peer support, our quarterly Perspective magazine, or the Good Practices Guide – describe those resources as helpful," says Dr. Boyce. "I’m especially pleased to know that the safe care resources we provide are being applied. Almost half of members (46%) report having incorporated information from CMPA resources into their everyday practices, and 85% of these members continue to employ the change."

Another crucial element of CMPA assistance is the peer-to-peer support provided by our physician advisors. Our advisors can help with many aspects of practice – including advice on safe care, and assistance with legal actions, hospital and College complaints, and privacy matters. The 2018 results showed that, among members who had accessed peer-to-peer advice, 96% were satisfied with the assistance they received. Of those members who were provided assistance with civil legal actions, College complaints, and privileges or other hospital matters, 89 – 95% were satisfied.

Image of Dr. Jean-Hugues Brossard

Dr. Jean-Hugues Brossard
Montréal, Québec

"For an organization answering over 70,000 medical-legal calls a year, the high satisfaction rates are very encouraging," says Dr. Jean-Hugues Brossard, CMPA second Vice-President. "Our physician advisors are an amazing resource for any CMPA member with questions or concerns about medical-legal matters or the delivery of safe care. Our physician advisors speak to members every day. They know the pressures our members are facing, and they’ve all been in practice themselves. I encourage our members to contact the CMPA whenever they need advice about a medical-legal matter or guidance on how to improve the safety of the care they provide."

You’ve given us ideas about what we could do differently

While the 2018 results show we are providing high-quality services and resources, they also give us insights about where we could improve.

"I’m pleased to get concrete feedback about what we can change or develop at the CMPA," says Dr. Hartley Stern, the Association’s CEO. "The CMPA has always evolved to meet our members’ needs. We’re able to provide great services because we are constantly asking how we might do things differently. Members’ feedback has already significantly informed our work in refreshing the CMPA’s Strategic Plan, which will be released this spring."

"I really want to thank the 7,000 members who took time out of very busy days to tell us how we’re doing," adds Dr. Boyce. "Many of you provided detailed comments about your experiences and ideas for change. I want you to know that your feedback is incredibly important. The ideas and reflections you’ve shared will help us keep building a strong organization that provides the services you need in ways that you need them."

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