Upcoming CMPA Annual Meeting and Conference

Spotlight on AI in healthcare and diagnostic test results—Join in!

Originally published June 2019

The CMPA will hold its first full-day Annual Meeting and Conference in Toronto, on Aug. 14. The new full-day format will offer members expanded risk management and safe medical education opportunities—including “Is No News Good News?,” a three-hour morning workshop on follow-up systems for test results. It will also feature an information session on artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Photo of Dr. Michael Curry

Dr. Michael Curry
Vancouver, B.C.

Photo of Dr. Gordon Crawford

Dr. Gordon Crawford
Barrie, Ont.

“I’m excited to join with other CMPA members in Toronto,” says Dr. Michael Curry, an emergency physician and CMPA Council member from Vancouver. “I’m going to be attending the test results workshop to develop techniques and processes to ensure that anxious patients get accurate test results quickly. It’s important to have a ‘fail-safe’ approach to test results to make sure important results are not overlooked and appropriate action and follow-up are done. While important for nearly all physicians, this is a particular challenge for those of us in emergency medicine as we have neither an ongoing relationship with our patients nor office support staff to help us out with this vital professional responsibility.”

During the afternoon information session, Dr. David Naylor, professor of medicine and President Emeritus of the University of Toronto, will help attendees understand the advantages and pitfalls of AI in the health realm, including its current and future applications to practice. Dr. Hartley Stern, CEO and Executive Director of the CMPA, will provide valuable insights into the medical-legal aspects of AI. The session will close with a discussion period, in which members can provide their perspective and Drs. Naylor and Stern, joined by the CMPA’s General Counsel, will respond to questions.

“AI presents potential benefits and risks, not all of which are currently well-defined,” says Dr. Gordon Crawford, an orthopaedic surgeon and CMPA Council member from Barrie, Ontario. “As AI becomes more prevalent in our practices and society at large, physicians need to actively engage in understanding how AI can help us deliver better and safer care to our patients.”

To ensure that all members have access to this innovative risk management event, the information session will be available via live webcast on Aug. 14 from 2:30 to 4:00 ET. The annual meeting will also be available live from 1:00 to 2:15 ET.


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