2018 Member Survey


Every two years, the CMPA surveys its members to assess member satisfaction. The following are highlights of those results.


Profile of respondents

A total of 6,846 CMPA members across Canada completed the survey in the fall of 2018.

Male members represent 56% of members, females 44%. 35% of members are under 40, 33% are between 40 and 54 years old, 29% are between 55 and 74 years, and 3% of members are 75 or older. 19% of members practice in a hospital only, 19% are in community practice only, 26% practice in both a hospital and community practice and 36% describe their practice setting as ‘other’ such as a university, private company or long-term care facility. Specialists represent 53% of members, generalists 39% and trainees 8% of members.

Overall member perceptions

Overall image and reputation


Members that would advocate on behalf of the CMPA   


"At the CMPA, we are proud of our demonstrated ability to maintain the continuity of services that members value, while adapting to change with new offerings. Our new, collaborative programs will enhance the safety of care in Canada and we look forward to introducing more initiatives in the future"

Dr. Hartley Stern, Executive Director/CEO


High level of satisfaction across our continuum of services

Overall quality of services


Overall range of services


Satisfaction by service

Education sessions on medical-legal issues or safe care practices


Advice with medical-legal issues or safe care practices


Assistance with civil-legal actions alleging malpractice or negligence


Assistance with regulatory authority (College) complaints or discipline proceedings


Assistance with privileges and other hospital/health authority matters


continuum of
medical liability

to enhance
safety of care

Advice to guide
members in responding
to medical-legal issues

Legal assistance
to resolve medical
liability matters

High level of satisfaction for CMPA resources

Between 97% and 98% of members surveyed indicated they were satisfied with the following CMPA resources: CMPA eBulletin, CMPA eLearning, CMPA website, online Good Practices guide and with the online and print versions of CMPA Perspective.
Members who feel safe medical care resources were helpful.
Members who changed the way they practice as a result of knowledge obtained.

Support for members

Members aware of the concept of mutuality as a core principle of membership


Members who feel it is extremely or very important that the CMPA require members whose medical-legal experience is significantly greater than their peers to participate in appropriate educational programming


"While the CMPA's Member Support Program (MSP) will affect only a small number of members, we hope the impact for the healthcare system, and indeed for Canadians generally, will be significant. Members will be referred to our MSP team when appropriate—and will receive individualized education and support and regular follow-up. When a physician in distress returns to practising with confidence and satisfaction, everyone wins."

Dr. Hartley Stern, Executive Director/CEO

More information on the Member Support Program.

Issues faced by members in their practice environment

At the end of the survey, we asked "Do you have any other comments, suggestions or general feedback that you would like to share?" The majority of the comments provided insights into the issues faced by members and the environment in which they are working.

Insights included rating websites, College/regulatory, health authority, media, bullying, disruptive behaviour of colleagues/peers, locations (urban/rural), patients and tort law/policy.
The CMPA understands the issues and pressures in the practice environment are evolving.
We continue to adapt our services to meet the evolving medical liability protection needs of our members.