Focus on mutuality

When the CMPA was established more than 110 years ago, it was based on the tenet of mutuality — for doctors by doctors. The underlying principle of mutuality is that members agree to collectively share the risks and associated costs amongst themselves. In light of the changing healthcare environment, this core value has never been more important than today and it is a cornerstone of the CMPA’s 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.

In keeping with its core value of mutuality, the CMPA provides medical liability protection to its members, and in turn, members are responsible to their colleagues and to the CMPA to practise in a manner consistent with the values of the medical profession. Members are also expected to act in accordance with the existing obligations of the CMPA By-law and other obligations determined by the Association’s member-elected council.

The CMPA remains committed to mutuality and the great majority of members have indicated they agree with this approach. As mutuality is a two-way street, it is important to focus not only on what the Association does for its members, but also on members’ obligations to support their colleagues, the profession, and the CMPA. As the complex healthcare environment evolves, the Association will continue to assist member physicians in medical liability issues arising from the professional practice of medicine and looks to members to act in a manner that meets their professional responsibilities.