2016 CMPA Annual Meeting Summary

September 2016

The 2016 CMPA Annual Meeting was held in Vancouver on August 24. In his report to members, CMPA President Dr. Edward Crosby took stock of the environment facing both the Association and its over 95,000 physician members, and said that changes in healthcare delivery are impacting physicians’ medical liability protection needs. However, he noted, the CMPA continues to adapt to meet those needs, and its commitment to providing high-quality services remains steadfast.

With financial pressures facing governments, and by extension the healthcare system, Dr. Crosby said the CMPA is working with governments and others to find ways to contain medical liability protection costs and improve the environment in which physicians practise. In 2015 the CMPA made more than 200 submissions aimed at influencing public policy decisions and advocating for physicians.

While noting the 8% rise in the number of new medical-legal cases in 2015, Dr. Crosby described the CMPA’s initiatives that are helping to solidify the CMPA’s growing reputation as a reliable source of expertise and advice to reduce medical liability risk. Among these, the CMPA is working to support physician leaders in dealing with physicians whose behaviours undermine the culture of patient safety, is designing programs to support members involved in a disproportionate share of medical-legal matters, and is developing educational programming to improve system-level issues in specific disciplines, initially in obstetrical care.

2015 Financial Report

As a not-for-profit organization, the CMPA’s long-term financial objective is to hold at least one dollar of investment assets for each dollar of discounted liabilities. This fully-funded position provides members with the confidence that their medical liability obligations will be met.

In 2015 the CMPA narrowed the deficiency in its net asset position to $94 million, a significant improvement of $266 million over 2014. This can be attributed to increased membership fees, strong investment returns, lower case-related disbursements, and a more muted increase in the change in the provision for outstanding claims than in recent years. The Association will continue its measured approach to returning to full funding, taking a long-term view that recognizes year-over-year volatility and accounts for estimated costs being paid out over many years in the future.

Information session — Opioid prescribing: Conversations. Collaboration. Solutions.

In the information session, members heard from an expert panel discussing the issue of opioid prescribing. Pamela Fayerman, health issues reporter at the Vancouver Sun, moderated the panel which comprised Phil Emberley (Canadian Pharmacists Association); Dr. Benedikt Fischer (University of Toronto); Dr. Gary Franklin (University of Washington); Dr. Heidi Oetter (College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia); and Dr. Gordon Wallace (Canadian Medical Protective Association).

Webcasts of the annual meeting and information session are available.

Council elections

Eight positions on CMPA Council were open for election in 2016. See the election results and acclamations.