Mutuality and your CMPA membership

December 2016

As a mutual defence organization, the CMPA enjoys a relationship with its members defined by the principles of mutuality. The CMPA provides members with liability protection, advice, and resources to help manage medical-legal risk in clinical practice. In turn, members are expected to practise in a manner that aligns with the ethics and expectations of the profession generally and supports the values of the Association (or mutual) as a whole as articulated by its Bylaw.

We are increasing our efforts to improve the delivery of safe medical care and ensure the sustainability of a fair and effective liability system. To this end, we are expanding our support opportunities and will work more closely with members to proactively reduce risk through customized advice, assistance, and education.

Most members will not see a significant change to the services or assistance they receive from the CMPA. In keeping with the tenets of mutuality, however, members whose medical liability experience is significantly greater than their peers in the same speciality can expect support from the Association, and will be expected to take part in training to reduce their risk and introduce measures to improve the safety of their practice.

By engaging members early and often, and providing targeted support services, we aim to reduce the number and severity of patient safety incidents and prevent medical-legal issues from arising—ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients, physicians, and the healthcare system.

To learn more about mutuality and your CMPA membership, see "Mutuality and extent of assistance."