From the CEO

Perhaps you have noticed we’ve recently been talking more about “mutuality” and referring to the Association as a "mutual." Some of you have wondered whether this signals a change in how the CMPA operates and provides services to members, and more to the point, what it means for the typical CMPA member.

Mutuality has always been at the core of the CMPA business model, yet it is generally not well understood. The CMPA as a "mutual" means the CMPA and its members collectively share in the costs, risks, and benefits associated with membership. More specifically, the CMPA provides medical liability protection to members while, in turn, those members are responsible to their colleagues and to the CMPA to practise in a manner consistent with the values of the medical profession.

Mutuality is consistent with the imperative for health professionals to assume both individual and collective responsibility for the care they provide. The results of the CMPA’s recent biennial membership survey reflect this view, with more than three in four members indicating it is "very important" for the CMPA to require members whose medical liability experience is significantly greater than their peers to participate in appropriate educational programming.

While the same survey reaffirms that our members continue to be highly satisfied with the services the CMPA provides, we recognize that as the delivery of health services evolves, members’ liability protection needs and expectations are changing. Consequently, we are adapting our services to meet those needs while working with other healthcare partners to contain the costs of liability protection.

I can assure you that, as we begin introducing enhancements to the CMPA assistance model in the coming months, most members will not see any significant changes in the services or assistance they receive from us. We will continue to work with members to manage risk in medical practice, and provide advice, assistance, and educational resources. Those members experiencing significantly greater-than-average medical-legal difficulties will receive additional, customized support aimed at improving safety and reducing risk in their practice.

I look forward to sharing more news with you as we advance our plans this year, while continuing to serve you, members of the mutual.

Hartley Stern, MD, FRCSC, FACS