From the CEO

In many ways, I believe there has never been a better time to be practising medicine. Canadians are living longer and enjoying a better quality of life than ever before, due in large part to scientific progress and technological innovations in medicine. Every day, physicians make decisions that benefit patients and their families, while new clinical breakthroughs promise further improvements to health outcomes. While providing high quality care remains a source of satisfaction, the demands placed on many physicians are on the rise—frequently resulting in excessive stress and burnout. Indeed, the need to support our colleagues as they face challenges in their professional lives has never been greater.

The CMPA has a 115-year track record of supporting Canadian physicians by providing quality medical liability protection and proven risk management advice. We have earned the trust of our members through our understanding of physicians’ liability protection needs and by providing services that enable the delivery of safe medical care. As healthcare evolves, those needs are not the same as they once were, and our approach to meeting your needs is also evolving. We want to ensure that our support continues to align with the challenges you face in practice and reflects the values of our profession.

The CMPA’s member support program offers tailored support to members whose medical-legal experiences are greater than those of their peers. The program is aimed at improving safety, easing stress, and ultimately returning the satisfaction of medical practice—the opportunity for our members to continue to have a meaningful practice and to deliver quality care.

The recently launched CMPA subsidiary, Saegis, further extends the range of services available to our members. Saegis offers specialized safety programs, services, and practice management solutions that extend beyond the CMPA’s current offerings. Saegis’ solutions will be tailored to the needs of physicians, other healthcare professionals and institutions—all aimed at improving patient care and contributing to a safe and sustainable healthcare system.

It is exciting to look ahead to how Saegis will make a real difference for physicians and the broader healthcare community. With Saegis, we now offer a wider spectrum of services and solutions that meet today’s complex needs, while we remain committed to delivering our current liability protection services and education offerings. Significantly, as we welcome Saegis to the CMPA family, we further solidify the CMPA as an essential component of Canada’s healthcare system. You can learn more about Saegis programs and services by visiting

While I feel confident about the future of medicine in Canada, I recognize that its potential cannot simply be assumed. The CMPA stands steadfastly with Canada’s doctors and we are here to help you, our members, throughout your professional careers. That commitment has not changed for over a century and it continues to guide all of our actions today.

Hartley Stern, MD, FRCSC, FACS