Mutuality and the Member Support Program

Published June 2017

Since its formation in 1901, the Canadian Medical Protective Association’s (CMPA) relationship with its members has been defined by the principles of mutuality. Physicians collectively share in the costs, risks, and benefits associated with membership. We also share a responsibility to practise and act in a manner that aligns with the ethics and expectations of the profession and supports the values of the Association (or mutual) as whole. This includes working proactively to reduce risk, decrease medical-legal incidents, and promote safer care.

Recognizing the benefits of mutuality, our members support these goals. Our most recent member survey indicates that the majority of members are in favour of the CMPA working more closely with members whose medical liability experience is greater than their peers. In response, we are developing the Member Support Program, or the MSP, to further enhance the assistance we provide.

The Member Support Program will help members reduce risk and decrease the likelihood of future medical-legal events. It will help us better understand our members’ needs and enable us to offer targeted support to members whose medical-legal experiences are greater than those of their peers—reducing future medical-legal risk, improving practice safety, easing stress, and returning joy and satisfaction to practice.

The program is intended to help the small number of members who have experienced higher than average medical liability difficulties. We will determine how we can provide additional assistance to these physicians. Some will be expected to access customized support or take part in educational activities to improve the safety of their practice and reduce their risk, or do both. By helping members address the root cause of the behaviours that increase their risk, the program will contribute to saving physicians’ careers and improving outcomes for patients, members, and the healthcare system

Planning for the Member Support Program is underway, and we anticipate beginning program activities in late 2017. For more information about the program, contact [email protected]