From the CEO

Collaborating and innovating to promote safe care

It seems that every day the media is reporting on another established business or organization experiencing serious difficulties; many of these organizations appear destined to fail.  A common theme is that they failed to adapt to a changing environment and became prisoners of their previous success. At the CMPA, we recognize that, to avoid this fate, we must continue to evolve our services to meet the changing needs of our 100,000 physician members.

We know that successful organizations continue to innovate and look for new opportunities and partnerships to add value to their members. Our members expect the CMPA to work collaboratively with others to improve the environment in which physicians practise, protect their medical liability interests, and improve the safety of care. I am pleased to report on three examples of innovative collaboration that will advance the safety of care in Canada. 

  • The CMPA has joined HIROC (Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada) and the SOGC (Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada) as an equal partner in Salus Global, the provider of the MOREOB program. By significantly improving teamwork and communication across all disciplines involved in obstetrical and perinatal care, the MOREOB program has a long track record of improving clinical outcomes and reducing harm. This partnership among HIROC, SOGC, and the CMPA builds on many years of collaborative efforts to improve the safety of care and demonstrates a collective commitment to improving safety.
  • In collaboration with the Resident Doctors of Canada and with the support of Canada’s 17 medical schools, we are delivering the Resident Symposia Series to residents across the country, providing early career physicians with risk reduction knowledge that will be of benefit throughout their careers.
  • Through our subsidiary, Saegis, the CMPA is fielding the SafeOR program, aimed at enhancing safety and improving teamwork in surgical units. By partnering with Surgical Safety Technologies, the SafeOR program combines the groundbreaking technology and analysis of the Operating Room Black Box® with years of quality improvement expertise provided by the CMPA. The SafeOR program will make a measurable improvement in the safety of surgical care, benefiting physicians and their patients. 

At the CMPA, we are proud of our demonstrated ability to maintain the continuity of services that members value, while adapting to change with new offerings. Our new, collaborative programs will enhance the safety of care in Canada and we look forward to introducing more initiatives in the future.

Hartley Stern