From the CEO

Our commitment to members and the healthcare system: 2019-2022 CMPA Strategic Plan

By listening to Canadian physicians, the CMPA has been successful in meeting your medical liability protection needs since 1901. We know the shifting economic, technological, and social pressures affecting your practices require the ongoing evolution of our services and how they are delivered.  We also know that you greatly value what we currently offer and trust us to find the right balance between continuity and change.

Our recently released 2019 – 2022 CMPA Strategic Plan is the roadmap for how we will build on our past success while proactively adapting to your changing needs. It is rooted in our commitments to our members and to the healthcare system.

Our commitment to members is at the core of all we do, and our goal is to provide you with high quality physician-to-physician medical-legal advice and assistance. We will continue to support you as you face the increasing pressures of delivering safe healthcare to Canadians. We are committed to providing you with an outstanding member experience, enabling you to easily access all our services and quickly find the resources available to you.

As an essential component of the Canadian healthcare system, the CMPA is also committed to advancing safe medical care and to collaborating with others to leverage our pan-Canadian experience and perspective to effect positive change. Drawing on our extensive knowledge and expertise, we work with our partners to identify risks, analyze causes, and develop safe care strategies. One example of the more active and system-wide role we are playing in improving the safety of medical care is our recent collaboration with HIROC and the SOGC to support Salus Global’s MOREOB program. Our collaboration enhances an already high-quality program proven to help obstetricians and family physicians deliver safer medical care.

We all know that healthy physicians are vital to the continued delivery of safe care and we are working with other organizations to both support our members in need and to advocate for meaningful investments in physician wellness. Through our subsidiary, Saegis, we are delivering programs to improve the environment in which you practise, supporting a “just culture” that is supportive of physicians.

We are committed to stewarding resources responsibly and to operating as effectively and efficiently as we can, without compromising on the assistance we provide. This includes appropriately compensating patients injured as a result of negligent medical care (fault in Québec).

I encourage you to read the Strategic Plan, which is posted on our website. The practice of medicine and the healthcare landscape may be changing, but we remain steadfast in our support for Canadian physicians. While recognizing the challenges faced by our 100,000 members, we are excited about the future and the opportunities to better meet your safe medical care and medical liability protection needs.

Hartley Stern