Message from the CMPA President

Supporting members in a changing healthcare environment

Photo of Debra E. Boyce

March 2019

As a family physician practising in Peterborough, Ontario, I have long valued the services provided by the CMPA, and I’m proud to be your President.

This is an especially exciting time at the CMPA. The 2018 Member Survey results show that physicians across Canada view us highly in terms of trust and integrity, and greatly value the high quality peer-to-peer physician support and safe medical care education we provide. Increasingly, other medical and health organizations recognize we have a great deal to offer in improving a healthcare system that is under ever greater strain.

The positive member survey results reflect the fact that, for over a century, the CMPA has stood for values that matter to physicians—empathetic assistance and support, service excellence, principled and ethical defence, and responsible stewardship.

In today’s environment of rapid technological change and growing strain on the healthcare system, we recognize the different ways in which these stressors impact the work and well-being of physicians across the country. We continue to adapt our services while offering critical support to members facing new demands. Our new Strategic Plan reflects our enduring commitment to Canadian physicians and to safe medical care.

The CMPA is always seeking new ways to offer services that meet members’ changing needs. In the past two years alone, we have launched our subsidiary, Saegis, to offer safe care solutions and programs that extend beyond and complement CMPA offerings; we have developed the Member Support Program to assist members experiencing increasing or recurring medical-legal difficulties; and we have launched a tailored program for residents to assist these physicians in reducing their medical-legal risk.

Working with our experienced management team, your elected Council continues to champion these and other initiatives. Having spent a decade as a CMPA Councillor, I can say that Council really is the voice of our 100,000 members and it provides the Association with a variety of points of view from across our profession. Council protects the long-term relationship of trust between the CMPA and our members—a responsibility we take very seriously.

This month, CMPA Council elections will take place in British Columbia and Yukon, Alberta, Ontario, Québec, and New Brunswick. I firmly believe that diverse experiences and perspectives are essential for effective governance. If there is an election in your area, I encourage you to vote online and help select your representative. As President, I value and appreciate members’ high level of participation in Council elections and their willingness to assist their colleagues by serving on Council.

At a time when physicians are under pressures from many sides, it is vital that we all have an organization to turn to for support, advice and assistance. The CMPA is that organization.

Debra E. Boyce, BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP

Your CMPA Council