Message from the CEO

Listening and learning to continue to support you

Photo of Lisa A. Calder

December 2020

As the CMPA’s CEO, I have three main goals. I want to make sure the CMPA is there for you, I want to modernize the CMPA, and I want to do so in a collaborative fashion.

I spent over 10 years working as an emergency physician in Ottawa, and it always gave me great comfort to know the CMPA had my back. As a patient safety researcher, I really appreciated the safe medical care educational resources the CMPA developed. Now, as CEO, I want to ensure that all of you — in every specialty across the country — feel that the CMPA is protecting your professional integrity and helping you deliver safe medical care. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the medical profession in unprecedented ways, and with physicians facing so many new pressures, I want the CMPA to be an organization you know you can count on.

To understand the challenges you’re facing, I’m listening to, and learning from, physicians across Canada. We have recently distributed the 2020 CMPA member survey, which will provide me with information about how your medical-legal needs may be changing and what products and services you might be looking for. I hear regularly from the CMPA’s dedicated team of physician advisors, who provide medical-legal advice and safe medical care education to thousands of physicians every year. I’m also meeting virtually with the provincial and territorial medical associations, and with medical organizations across a range of specialities.

My aim in seeking all this feedback is to make sure we are continually modernizing our services, products, and channels. I want you to know that, when you reach out to the CMPA, you’ll receive excellent service — whether you’re speaking to one of our physician advisors, seeking medical-legal assistance, or looking for educational resources to enhance the safety of the care you provide.

We’re now near completion on foundational work that is meant to upgrade our systems to provide you with a better member experience and further modernize our products and services. I look forward to building on this foundation and collaborating with physicians across the country as we seek out new ways of making sure the CMPA is there for you — now and into the future.

Lisa A. Calder