CMPA launches Saegis

OTTAWA, August 23, 2017 — The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) today announced the
launch of Saegis. As a member of the CMPA family, Saegis offers specialized safety programs and services
for physicians, healthcare professionals and institutions, as well as practice management solutions that
extend beyond the CMPA’s current offerings.

“For over 115 years, CMPA’s mandate has been to assist members experiencing medical legal difficulty
and that is not about to change. Our medical-legal protection enables physicians to practice confidently
and to make decisions that result in better patient care and a more efficient healthcare system,” said
Dr. Hartley Stern, Chief Executive Officer at the CMPA.

“We recognize, our members’ medical liability protection and risk reduction needs are changing and our
services must continue to evolve to most effectively support the delivery of safe medical care across the
country,” continued Dr. Stern. “With Saegis, the CMPA family of organizations now offers a continuum of
services, resources and solutions to Canadian physicians, healthcare professionals and institutions.

Saegis will provide programs and services through two operating arms: The Saegis Safety Institute
and Saegis Practice Management.

The Saegis Safety Institute will offer programs for both individual practitioners and healthcare institutions.
For individual physicians and healthcare professionals, Saegis will provide in-depth, evidence-based,
professional development programs tailored specifically for the environments in which they practice.
These programs will equip physicians and healthcare professionals with the tools they need to enhance
their skills, reduce the risk in their practice, improve safety for their patients and avoid unnecessary costs.
At the healthcare institution level, Saegis’ programs aim to reduce harm from clinical care and provide
behavioural-based solutions to support an effective and just culture.

Saegis Practice Management will provide assistance to reduce identified practice risks, improve quality
and ensure a physician or clinic’s processes are as effective and efficient as possible. Physicians will have
more time to focus on patients and spend less time on administrative activities. As the healthcare delivery
environment evolves, Saegis will also help physicians, healthcare professionals and team-based practices
secure protection against new and emerging business risks.

“We believe Saegis will have a long-term, meaningful and positive impact on the safety of the Canadian
healthcare system, by providing solutions that influence change at both the individual practitioner and
systems level. This will result in fewer patient safety incidents and lower medical liability protection and
healthcare system costs,” concluded Dr. Stern.

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About the CMPA:

The Canadian Medical Protective Association provides advice, legal assistance and an extensive risk management education program to more than 95,000 physicians. It is the principal provider of medical liability protection in Canada and is governed by an elected council of physicians. As an essential component of the healthcare system, the CMPA is firmly committed to protecting the professional integrity of physicians and promoting safe medical care.

About Saegis:

Saegis offers specialized programs for physicians, healthcare professionals and institutions, and practice management solutions that extend beyond the CMPA’s offerings. Customized to the needs of Canadian physicians and other healthcare professionals, healthcare teams, hospitals and clinics, Saegis’ in-depth solutions enhance the safety of care, improve skills, reduce liability risks, and optimize practice management — all with the goal of improving overall patient care and contributing to a safe and sustainable healthcare system. Saegis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Protective Association.