Dr. Lisa Calder begins her leadership of the CMPA

Photo of Lisa Calder

OTTAWA, August 31, 2020—Today Dr. Lisa Calder becomes the CEO of the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). Dr. Calder also assumes the position of Board Chair of Saegis, the CMPA’s subsidiary.

An award winning emergency physician, researcher, and teacher, Dr. Calder is an authentic and collaborative leader who is committed to improving healthcare for Canadian physicians and patients. Since graduating from her emergency medicine residency at the University of Ottawa 15 years ago, Dr. Calder has steadily honed her knowledge and leadership skills—including obtaining a Master of Science in Epidemiology, completing fellowships in patient safety leadership, serving as an award winning associate professor, practising emergency medicine, and joining the CMPA as the director of Medical Care Analytics.

“We are here for our 100,000+ physician members; we will continue to evolve our services and modernize the CMPA so that they feel supported; and will be doing this in collaborative ways,” said Dr. Calder. “I look forward to leading this organization into the future, and I am confident in the deep talent and skills we have at the CMPA to protect the professional integrity of Canadian physicians and promote the safety of medical care.”

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About the CMPA

The CMPA delivers efficient, high-quality physician-to-physician advice and assistance in medical-legal matters, including the provision of appropriate compensation to patients injured by negligent medical care. Our evidence-based products and services enhance the safety of medical care, with the goal of reducing harm and costs.

As Canada’s largest physician organization and with the support of our 100,000 physician members, the CMPA collaborates, advocates, and effects positive change on important healthcare and medical-legal issues. The Association is governed by an elected council of physicians.

About Saegis

Saegis, the CMPA’s wholly owned subsidiary, is a provider of safety programs and practice management solutions to physicians, healthcare professionals, teams, hospitals and clinics. Saegis’ high quality, specialized professional development programs, safety initiatives and practice management services are designed to reduce risk and improve safety in healthcare.