The Canadian Medical Protective Association at a glance

About the CMPA

The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) is a not-for-profit organization that has delivered medical liability protection in a cost-effective and ethical manner since 1901.

CMPA medical-legal protection enables physicians to practise confidently and to make decisions that result in better patient care and a more efficient healthcare system. The CMPA supports physicians by providing access to sound medical-legal advice and evidence-based education. Where eligible, the Association assists members who face medical-legal difficulties arising from the professional practice of medicine. In turn, members are expected to practise in a manner consistent with the values of the medical profession and act in accordance with the existing obligations of the CMPA By-law and other expectations of the CMPA membership as a whole, as reflected in the decisions of the Association's member-elected council.

Mission and vision

The CMPA’s mission is to protect the professional integrity of physicians and promote safe medical care in Canada. Our vision is to be valued as an essential component of the Canadian healthcare system.

CMPA services

The CMPA provides professional liability protection for Canadian physicians, where eligible, in the form of medical-legal advice and assistance for matters arising from a member's professional work. This includes advice and assistance with general medical-legal questions, regulatory authority (College) complaints, hospital privilege matters, civil actions, and many other types of medical-legal difficulties.

Physicians pay fees to be members of the Association. CMPA fees reflect the cost of medical liability protection.


Unlike an insurance company, the CMPA employs a discretionary approach in its assistance to members. This enables the Association to consider whether or not members are eligible for assistance and the scope of such assistance on a case-by-case basis, tailored to meet the needs of individual member physicians and their specific circumstances, rather than through defined policies or protocols. In addition, the CMPA provides, on behalf of its members, appropriate compensation to patients proven to have been harmed through the negligent medical care of a member.

Research and education

The CMPA contributes to high quality healthcare through its research and education services. It shares its extensive knowledge of risk management and safe medical care practices for the benefit of physicians, patients, and Canada’s healthcare system. Member physicians benefit from our risk management publications (print and online), e-Learning activities, and educational presentations. Resources include articles and handbooks on various aspects of medical-legal risk, and the CMPA - Good practices.

Sustainable medical liability system

An effective and efficient medical system is an essential component of a well-functioning healthcare system. The CMPA is committed to working with its members, medical and healthcare organizations, and governments to enhance the fairness and effectiveness of the medical liability system.


The CMPA continually adds new medical-legal resources and provides updates about emerging issues on its website. This is also where you can find our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. Visit to keep up to date.