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Updated: October 1, 2021

The CMPA recognizes advocacy as a key competency and responsibility of physicians. Advocacy may occur in many forums and using many tools. It can be patient specific, or related to the community at large. As the healthcare system responds to COVID-19, advocacy in both forms has become increasingly common and relevant.

Physicians are encouraged to review CMPA’s article on Advocacy for change: An important role to undertake with care to minimize the risk of medico-legal activity resulting from their advocacy. At all times, the CMPA encourages members to be respectful, speaking to the issues and not directing negative comments at individuals, as this may result in allegations of defamation. Statements that are not respectful may also result in College complaints or human rights complaints.

When facing a medico-legal event stemming from advocacy or health promotion, members should be aware that the CMPA as a provider of medical liability protection, uses discretion to determine assistance. You are also encouraged to review the following articles to better understand our principles of assistance in this area.


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