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Updated: October 24, 2022

Some requirements and procedures for retired physicians returning to practice and for senior residents have changed in response to the public health emergency.


I am a retired physician. Will the CMPA assist me if I return to practice to provide assistance during the pandemic?

Physicians who are no longer members but are seeking membership in order to assist with the pandemic response will be able to do so. Registration with your provincial regulatory college will also be required.

If you previously held membership with the CMPA, you may reactivate your membership now. Your CMPA member number and a valid password are required. Contact the CMPA at 1-800-267-6522 for assistance in reactivating membership.

In response to the pandemic, my College is granting temporary emergency registration to some senior residents. I’m taking part. Will I need to change my CMPA type of work or pay an additional fee?

Senior residents granted a temporary independent license as a result of the pandemic are not required to change their CMPA Type of Work (TOW) or notify the CMPA. Residents in this situation will remain in their existing TOWs (12 and 14) and will not be charged additional fees.

Residents should confirm their ability to practice independently with their College prior to doing so, and are encouraged to call the CMPA for any questions related to membership or medico-legal advice.