Just Culture In Healthcare


Through this accredited program offered by CMPA in partnership with The Just Culture Company, physicians and healthcare professionals will learn how to reinforce behavior that will improve systems, reduce negative outcomes, and improve team morale.

Participants in the Just Culture in Healthcare program will learn how to apply the Just Culture Algorithm™, to reinforce Just Culture principles, and to create a culture of learning that sustainably reduces risk and improves patient safety. Just Culture allows healthcare professionals to feel safe to report openly about errors and near misses.

Just Culture principles and the Just Culture Algorithm provide a consistent and constructive way of looking at accountability in healthcare.

Key elements of the program

  • Reduce adverse events
  • Improve operational reliability

Topics covered

  • History of our social trend toward a more punitive, yet unaccountable culture.
  • Notions of duty, breach, and consequence as applied to inescapably fallible human beings.
  • Scientific, legal, and social basis for a more just culture.
  • Design of the Just Culture Algorithm™.
  • How to become a role model, mentor, and coach to your employees.


  1. Just Culture Workshop (accreditation pending)
    A 4-hour eLearning course followed by a 2-hour synchronous virtual practice session
  2. Full certification course (limited enrollment)
    Six 2-hour sessions facilitated via videoconference, 2.5 hours of pre-work assignments and a 1.5-hour online certification exam and ongoing opportunities to learn through a range of online resources.

Learning objectives

  • Identify the role of an organization’s mission and values in building a just culture.
  • Explain and be able to mitigate judgement biases.
  • Identify three system strategies to manage risk.
  • Manage five core behaviours affecting risk.
  • Utilize the Just Culture Algorithm™.

Credits (certification course)

College of Family Physicians of Canada

This 3-credit-per-hour Assessment program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 63 Mainpro+ credits.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

This activity is an Accredited Self-Assessment Program (Section 3) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by the CMPA. You may claim a maximum of 21 hours (credits are automatically calculated).

Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec

Ce programme se qualifie pour une demande d’accréditation à la FMOQ pour 21 heures de formation reconnues.

Note: Applicants interested in the Just Culture workshop may request a session here. For the full certification course or any other questions please contact us at [email protected].