Scam alert: phone calls and emails

We have recently been notified that some of our members have received fraudulent calls or pre-recorded messages claiming to be from the CMPA. During these calls or messages, members were told their membership fees were in arrears and asked for credit card information to balance their accounts.

We are also aware that a spam email is being circulated to CMPA members and College Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) members.

This email includes a link in which there is a request to pay CMPA and/or CFPC fees. It references “debit confirmation” or “debit invoice” in the subject line.

Secure CMPA communication

The CMPA does NOT accept credit cards nor do we communicate using pre-recorded messages.

To ensure secure communication with the CMPA, always sign in to our password protected, members-only section of the CMPA website (

Once signed in, members can access membership documents (such as your annual invoice or receipt) or review/update payment information. You will never be asked to provide full banking information (e.g. account number) by phone or email. Additionally, membership documents will never be sent to you as an email attachment.