Message from the CMPA President

Michael T. Cohen, MD

September 2021

Supporting physicians during an unprecedented year

Last month, hundreds of Canadian physicians attended the CMPA’s 2021 Annual Meeting and Education Session on “Diagnostic decisions: Interventions for safer diagnoses.” It was a privilege for me to see so many members engaging with CMPA leadership and learning from the CMPA’s physician advisors.

One of the CMPA’s main goals is to be there for our members, and the Annual Meeting was a great way for us to present highlights of what this has meant in the past year. Here are some of these highlights:

Offering meaningful support to Canadian physicians

In the midst of a pandemic that has had a massive impact on the healthcare system, we offered meaningful support to Canadian physicians. We answered over 23,000 advice calls from physicians facing medico-legal challenges and high levels of stress. We created a new Physician Support and Wellness department dedicated to improving member well-being, and we advocated for physicians – supporting calls to action around PPE, meeting with Ministries of Health around critical care triage protocols, and emphasizing the need for clearer medico-legal protection in the rapidly changing COVID context.

Leveraging medico-legal data to advance safe medical care

We leveraged our extensive medico-legal data to advance safe medical care, working with our stakeholder partners to develop safe medical care resources, authoring peer-reviewed publications, and completing close to 100 data requests from physicians. When the pandemic hit, we quickly adapted our in-person learning products to the digital sphere, and created new online resources, such as podcasts, e-learning activities, and our Good Practices guidance.

Supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)

We took significant steps towards increasing EDI across the CMPA. We partnered with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, and engaged in listening and learning conversations with our employees, our members, and leaders from organizations such as the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada and the Black Physicians of Canada.

Providing patient compensation quickly and appropriately

We supported physicians and the healthcare system by providing patient compensation quickly and appropriately. In 2020, we paid a total of $206 million in patient compensation on behalf of our members, and a cumulative total of $1.1 billion dollars over the past 5 years.

If you were not able to attend this year’s Annual Meeting, you can view the entire Annual Meeting here, or catch up on key moments with the videos below. As I head into my second year as President, I look forward to collaborating with CMPA Council members and the Executive Leadership Team to support physicians and advance safe medical care in 2022.

Michael T. Cohen, MD
President, CMPA

Watch key moments from the 2021 Annual Meeting