Virtual workshop for residents

CMPA Patient Safety Primer: medico-legal essentials for residents

Covering medico-legal essentials to keep patients safe

“Very well run, effective use of time. Virtual delivery was as effective as in-person. Meeting facilitators were excellent and the medico-legal Q&A was extremely useful. Amazing for residents!” – McMaster University resident (2021)

This interactive and virtual workshop has been developed specifically for first year Family Medicine residents and second year Royal College residents.

Delivered by highly experienced CMPA physician advisors, the workshop covers topics representing medico-legal issues frequently encountered by residents in CMPA case files: documentation, informed consent, disclosure of a patient safety incident (accident in Québec), and teamwork.

What to expect


Live workshop with Physician Advisors with many opportunities for participants to weigh in on commonly encountered questions and scenarios

Q&A Session

Get your questions answered at the source with a CMPA Physician Advisor and Legal Counsel

Application of knowledge

Information gained from pre-workshop eLearning activities will be applied to case scenarios

Learning objectives

  1. Recognize the elements of high-quality documentation and how this promotes safe patient care
  2. Describe the components of an effective informed consent discussion
  3. Identify the key steps in disclosing a patient safety incident (‘accident’ in Québec)
  4. Commit to at least one strategy to promote psychological safety and encourage speaking up within your team

The standardized curriculum is based on CMPA medico-legal risk data and the CanMEDS 2015 and CanMEDS-FM competencies.

About the virtual workshop

When will it take place?
Workshops will be offered multiple times throughout the academic year.

Who should register?
Family Medicine residents (PGY1) and Royal College residents (PGY2)

How can I register?
Contact your PGME Office or Program Director for information on how to register. You can register for the date and time that suits you best.

When should I register?
As soon as possible. This is an interactive workshop, so space is limited.

Is there pre-work?
Yes. The pre-work should only take about one hour and is essential to your full participation in the live virtual workshop. Residents will be expected to apply what they learned in the pre-work to scenarios and discussions throughout the live workshop.

Pre-workshop information


For more information, email us at [email protected].