Advanced Diagnostic Reasoning

Am I missing something? Shift your mindset to optimize your diagnostic approach

Exploring skills and behaviours to help identify situations associated with a higher rate of diagnostic decision-making errors and act to prevent them.

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Test Results Follow-Up

Is no news good news? Build a more reliable follow-up system for test results

An interactive, hands-on workshop designed to help physicians who are looking to build a reliable follow-up system for test results in their practice.

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Theatre Arts

The CMPA surgical safety course:
Identifying solutions
Promoting improvement
Making a difference

A three-day intensive course designed to empower physicians and their perioperative teams to improve their OR environment and foster safe surgical care.

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Faculty Development

A complement to CMPA Patient Safety Primer: medico-legal essentials for residents

Intended for teaching faculty, program directors, and other individuals involved in postgraduate medical education, with the goal of supporting residents as they develop lifelong competencies that promote safe medical care.

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