CMPA webinars

Join expert CMPA Physician Advisors as they discuss popular medico-legal topics. Register to participate during the live webinar with the opportunity to ask your questions during the Q&A period. Can’t attend? The recording will be made available on our website.

Recorded sessions

Navigating AI in healthcare

This webinar is designed to address the relevance and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. This learning activity will provide physicians with tips on how to leverage AI in their practices while minimizing their medico-legal risk.

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How to engage and advocate safely on social media

This tailored webinar provides physicians with tips to use social media for engagement and health advocacy safely.

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Physician and patient shared decision making.

Challenging clinical encounters and practical management strategies

This webinar is designed to address challenges affecting physician-patient relationships. This practical learning activity is intended to support physicians in providing safe medical care, prevent medical errors, improve process efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

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The power of teamwork

This webinar is designed to address challenges associated with effective inter-professional communication. Through this program, physicians will be able to evaluate and improve their inter-professional communication skills and achieve a workplace culture that values respect and collegiality.

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Providing safe virtual care

This webinar will address some common medico-legal considerations when performing virtual care, describe physician obligations related to virtual care, and provide some documentation and communication tips.

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