Reactivate CMPA membership

If you are a former CMPA member and have interrupted your membership for more than 12 months, to reactivate, you must complete and submit a new application form with payment prior to the date you want your membership reactivated.

You can complete and submit the Online Membership Application/Reactivation form; or print, complete and fax/mail the Membership Application/Reactivation form [PDF].

Membership resumes only when we have received a completed application form, payment, your licence/registration number and all necessary documents. You may submit your membership application without your licence/registration number and then you must notify the CMPA once it becomes available.

Please note: If you are paying by pre-authorized debit, the agreement form and the void cheque can be sent by fax. For more information on payment, click here.

Note: If you have interrupted membership for 12 months or less, you do not need to submit a new application form. Simply call the CMPA with your type of work (TOW) code, province/territory of work, the effective dates and payment arrangements. You are also required to confirm your licence/registration number and its effective date.

Determining your fee

You can determine the membership fee that applies to your particular situation by using the online fee calculator. (Find out how we set membership fees and view the complete Fee Schedule [PDF].)

Are you a trainee or clinical fellow?

If you are a resident or clinical fellow reactivating after an interruption of less than 12 months, complete and submit the Postgraduate questionnaire [PDF].

Are you transitioning from a postgraduate training program to practice?

Physicians who are transitioning from postgraduate training to practice can defer payment of their CMPA membership fees for up to 6 months. Members who take advantage of this service must provide their fee payment, in one lump sum, in the same calendar year as the transition.