Physician support and wellness

The CMPA fosters and champions physician well-being through various programs and initiatives. Our aims include assisting members to mitigate medico-legal risk, supporting the delivery of safe medical care, and promoting principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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Provincial and territorial physician support services

A number of provincial and territorial organizations in Canada offer health programs to support physicians, residents and their families. Contact your local organization to get the help you need.

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CMPA articles on physician wellness

The following articles provide information, advice and guidance on coping with stress and managing medico-legal issues.

College complaint

Know you’re not alone. Learn what to do when notified of a College complaint and effective coping strategies.

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Hospital complaint

Helping you understand the hospital complaint process and how the CMPA can help.

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Medico-legal issue

Medico-legal difficulties can have an emotional impact. Learn where to get support and how to alleviate stress.

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Physician health

Wellness strategies and resources for physicians.

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CMA resources

  • CMA Physician Wellness Hub

    A large collection of physician health and wellness resources spanning 22 topics. Information is targeted to physicians, residents, and medical students seeking guidance and wellness self-help.

  • CMA Threats and harassment

    Resources, tools, and services which support physicians and medical learners experiencing online threats and harassment.

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Member Support Program

Practise safely and in a manner that contributes to your professional integrity, satisfaction and well-being.

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  • Are you struggling with recurrent medico-legal events?
  • Would you like to review your medico-legal history to identify potential risk factors?
  • Are you interested in addressing factors that may increase your medico-legal risk compared to your peers?

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Medico-legal assistance

The CMPA understands the emotional toll of medico-legal events on physicians. We listen to members with an empathetic ear, provide sound advice, and offer meaningful support.

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Offering sound advice and an empathetic ear

Hesitant about calling the CMPA? No question is too small. CMPA Physician Advisors are there to listen to you and provide solid advice.

offering sound advice and an empathetic ear section

Offering sound advice and an empathetic ear

Hesitant about calling the CMPA? No question is too small. CMPA Physician Advisors are there to listen to you and provide solid advice.

physicians supporting physicians section

Physicians supporting physicians

You’re in a safe space when speaking with CMPA Physician Advisors – physicians with extensive training and experience who understand the challenges of practicing medicine.

the emotional toll of medical-legal issues section

The emotional toll of medico-legal issues

We know that medico-legal events are anxiety-producing and can take an emotional toll on physicians. The CMPA is there to help mitigate some of these difficulties.

caring support from CMPA-appointed lawyers section

Caring support from CMPA-appointed lawyers

Experienced CMPA-appointed legal counsel provide caring support as they work closely with members through the legal process.