Transitioning from a postgraduate training program to practice

Physicians who are transitioning from postgraduate training to practice can defer payment of their CMPA membership fees for up to 6 months. Members who wish to take advantage of this service must choose monthly pre-authorized debit as their payment method. If approved, members will make their fee payment in one lump sum, in the same calendar year as the transition.

You can choose when your deferred pre-authorized debit will take place within the first 6 months of practice and no later than December 20 of the same calendar year. If you are not currently paying your fee by pre-authorized debit, please update your payment method online (your CMPA member number and password are required).

To take advantage of the transitioning payment option, please call us.

Note: This payment option does not apply to physicians in other forms of transition.

Your CMPA membership and mutuality

CMPA is a mutual defence organization – not an insurance company. When physicians join the CMPA, they agree to collectively share the costs, risks, and benefits of their CMPA membership. Members are eligible for assistance for matters related to the practice of medicine, and, in return, they commit to mutuality, including the expectation to practise in a manner consistent with the values of the medical profession, and to take an active role to improve the quality of care and help prevent future medico-legal events. They also commit to act in accordance with the existing obligations of the CMPA By-law and other obligations determined by the Association’s member-elected Council.