Transitioning from a postgraduate training program to practice

Physicians who are transitioning from postgraduate training to practice can pay the CMPA membership fee for their first 6 months of full practice in 2 installments.

Your pre-authorized debits will take place on the third and sixth month from the start date of your practice. If you are not currently paying your fee by PAD, please select your payment method online (your CMPA member number and account password are required). Alternatively, you can complete the Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement [PDF] and send it to the CMPA with a VOID cheque from a Canadian bank account (cannot be a line of credit or credit card account).

To take advantage of the transitioning payment option, please call us or complete the Transitioning to Practice form [PDF] and mail or fax it to the CMPA.

If you need to make other payment arrangements or defer payments to the next calendar year, please contact us to speak to a CMPA representative.

Note: This payment option does not apply to physicians in other forms of transition.

Your CMPA membership and mutuality
CMPA membership is based on the principles of mutuality. The CMPA provides members – residents, clinical fellows, and practising physicians – with liability protection, advice, and resources to help manage medical-legal risk in clinical practice. In turn, members are expected to practise in a manner that aligns with the ethics and expectations of the profession and the values of the Association (the mutual) as described in its Bylaw.